Secopad Non Slip Bathtub Stickers, 20 Large Sea Adhesive Kids Anti Slip Decal Threads for Shower and Bath Tub with Premium Scraper, Each Design About 4.5″ x 3.5″



  • High Quality
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Install
  • Non Slip & Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Residue
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    • ★Your bathtub should be a haven of security and fun for child, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. To solve this potential dangerous situation, we supply new products to provide anti-skid surfaces. The nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. Cartoon ocean fish images can also bring more happiness to children.
    • ★Design Principle. Each sticker can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special ecological glue. The upper surface comes with anti slip surfaces, which is harmless to children’s skin. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
    • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. Cartoon ocean fish images pattern, cute and attractive, your baby will fall in love this bath decal at first sight. Skin-friendly material, soft and smooth, gives baby more comfort when bathing
    • ★The package comprises 20 pieces (about 4.5”x3.5”) of sea creative stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 20 stickers can occupy most of the surface of bathtub thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use some from the 20 stickers on the shower wall or refrigerator to make more fun.

    Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub stickers that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub

    About Secopad stickers

    Each Seocpad stickers can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

    Why Use Secopad?

    Our Secopad stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.

    The Premium Non-Skid Shower Stickers

    These non-slip bathtub stickers are effective to stick to any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor or stairs, swimming pool, etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.

    220 reviews for Secopad Non Slip Bathtub Stickers, 20 Large Sea Adhesive Kids Anti Slip Decal Threads for Shower and Bath Tub with Premium Scraper, Each Design About 4.5″ x 3.5″

    1. Spitfire

      Super easy to install

      Cute, fun, really nice to decrease slippage in a fully tiled shower. Plenty to do a good sized shower.

    2. Erikka Hanna

      Colorful and Easy to Apply

      These are perfect! They’re adorable and the traction is good. Easy to install as well. I like the vibrant colors and the cute sea creatures. They make a great addition to our kids’ tub! I’d definitely buy them again (though I don’t think I need to any time soon).

    3. Andrea

      Great product!

      These worked great! Easy to install and they have stayed no problem.

    4. Emily

      Super cute!

      While I have a bigger than normal bathtub, these are super cute! Very easy to place on and they definitely do stick good! I’ll be ordering another set and will be getting more for my other bathroom! Super cute and definitely worth the money! They have a semi rough top to help with grip so little ones don’t slip!

    5. Gail Blackwell


      Very good grip in tub. My 3 yr old Granddaughter loves them

    6. Diana Z.

      Entspricht alles der Beschreibung

      Wir haben die Aufkleber in der Dusche angebracht, diese sind leicht anzubringen, haben einen aufgeraute Oberfläche, beim putzen sollte man aufpassen, der Lappen kann hängen bleiben, jedoch würde ich diese immer wieder kleben, sie halten (Dusche schon mehrfach geputzt mit aggressiven Putzmittel), Farbe entspricht Bildern. 

    7. Robbin Miskanin

      Starting to tear up after one year of use

      I applied these about a year ago and my kiddos love them. They work well for their purpose. Unfortunately though, they are starting to pull up. The top layer anti-skid piece is pulling away from the sticker itself. I’ve had to pull up six of the twenty so far and there are a few more that need to come out. 

    8. Patrick Laird

      Greatest ever

      My tub was slick, I put 2 packages of these in the bottom, and now I have no worries about getting in and out. Perfect grip, no slipping, don’t even think about falling anymore. 100% confidence, and they look great too.

    9. nancy

      Nancy tested. Nancy approve

      My husband abandoned is blind, lost his vision to type one diabetes. And he almost fell several times as our shower was very slippery. With the non slip stickers. No more problems he’s safe and I feel much better about him in the shower. 

    10. D. B. Levenstam

      Large, Colorful and Easy to Install

      These large stickers are easy to peel and install. Although designed for kids, they made an adult friend of mine go nuts when she saw how nicely they went with my aquatic-themed shower curtain.

    11. Andy

      Fun and Colorful

      Our toddler loves these stickers. The colors stand out and have not faded at all in the several months we’ve used them, even though they’re regularly submerged in bath water. Most of them have stuck very well all of this time, but 3 of them did come off in the first bath and would not stick again.

    12. Veronica

      Cute and safe

      Lovely characters and bright colors. Decorated several places for my granddaughter. Perfect if you have slippery surfaces.

    13. X

      don’t buy

      Followed the directions perfectly. Started peeling off after three weeks. 

    14. Tiffany


      Super easy to install. Pleasing to the eye. My kiddos love them!

    15. Sara


      These stickers are far too rough for kids. My son would not even sit on them because they are so scratchy. He usually loves the bath but cried when he sat down. I will be peeling them off. 

    16. alessandro olivieri

      Carino ma non lo consiglierei

      Quantità giusta, adesivi carinissimi, ma dopo neanche un mese già se ne sono staccati 4, non penso che dureranno molto 😞

    17. Feli

      Super dekorative Antirutsch-Aufkleber

      Die Aufkleber lassen sich super anbringen und halten auch bombenfest. Die Motive sind sehr schön. Meinem Kind gefällt es

    18. tom

      Stick really well

      These cute little stickers work great for adding non-slip texture to the tub. They’re brightly colored and stick very well. The texture is not terribly rough, rather just enough to create a non-slip effect. Not too mention the imagination possibilities for little ones at tubby time. 

    19. Ivano

      vanno bene

      Molto resistenti, molto belli.

    20. Kelsey S.

      Okay but started coming up

      These seemed great at first but now their peeling up on the edges. Our toddler can pull them off with ease now. 

    21. Rider3116

      Not bad

      Make sure your tub is clean and dry when putting these down. So far they have worked well. We have a few that start to come off but pressing them back down works. Just a little annoying to deal with.

    22. Joe A.

      Really Brightins the tub

      I love these as they make the bathtub so much more colorful and fun! I like seeing smiling faces at me first thing in the morning, hard not to smile when someone is smiling at you <3

    23. Jenbc23

      So cute and work great!

      When my last strips started peeling I saw these and thought they looked fun, well they are. They are sufficiently rough even with all the hair conditioner and soap that I use so they stop you from slipping.

    24. Pawan

      Stickers surface are too rough and scratches the kids

      Looks nice and sticks well but sadly the sticker’s surface is too rough and the kids get scratched every time.

    25. Shawna

      Didn’t stick

      Did what the directions said and some of them didn’t stick 

    26. Barbara Ortega

      read the directions

      they are cute and colorful

    27. J.Pearson

      Some started peeling off even after 24hrs of drying

      I gave it 24 hours before using the shower, like the instructions suggested, but some of them are still peeling and curving upward.They are adorable though. 

    28. Melody

      Love this company!

      These are super cute for your little ones! We previously had some plain white circles from same company that lasted well over a year. I still had to use the scraper to remove the circles! Make sure to clean, prep, and dry tub before installation. I let adhere 4-6 hours before showering or bathing. (Cleaned tub and adhered during nap time and by bath time that evening they were secure.) 

    29. BeaU

      These stickers are cute and seem to do the job.

      My son has expressed what good grip these stickers have. I was hesitant to buy online but I’m glad I made the purchase. I bought these for safety and it has definitely given me some peace of mind. We’ve only had them for about 4 weeks now, and they seem to be doing the job. I hope they will last.

    30. Anna

      Don’t hesitate just buy them right now!!

      Our shower is very slippery and dangerous so these are perfect, they are also a great addition to the bathroom, my kids love to see little sea creatures when they bathe 🧼 

    31. sergio diaz

      Got a 18 count instead of 20

      It was short 3 animals, unfortunately it was the ones my little ones favorite. But overall they’re great 

    32. Caitlin Henderson

      Great grip—good for feet-ouch for back!

      These are super grippy which is great and fits the purpose. However, they’re so rough that when I lay my kids on their backs to rinse their hair…they get back up and have red marks on their backs. It’s not enough to make them cry but I have to be careful to keep them still so they won’t scratch their backs. I only used half the package and it’s plenty for the floor of my tub. This way we can have brand new stickers in a year or however long it takes for the current ones to start coming up from wear/cleaning.

    33. Kitty

      Nice one

      Beautiful, convenient, functional

    34. Amelia Elswick

      Cute and functional

      Work great and very cute. With how I spaced mine, I plan on ordering another pack, but you can space them out more and it should cover a normal size tub. I added a razor in the photo to help with scaling. They are easy to attach, and after 4 months have shown no sign of detaching on their own. They are soft enough not to scuff little feet or knees. Toddler approved.

    35. Anna Grigoryan

      Works great and cute

      It was easy to stick and worked great, my baby doesn’t slip anymore and she loved all of the animals 

    36. Michael E. Winner

      They work.

      Needed these for a senior bathroom and they work well.

    37. Paula Teas

      So my mom doesn’t slip and fall

      The colors are good

    38. Meghan Andrews

      great product

      these are super cute and work really well!! will buy again

    39. Brian J Blake

      Very good product

      Easy to installWorks perfectlyNo slipping n slidingVery pleased with my purchase

    40. Yannick Trommeshauser

      Super für Kids

      Ich habe 2 Kinder (1Lj, 3Lj.) Und beide Kids sind begeistert von den bunten Stickern in der Badewanne. Sie halten super (Testphase 3 Monate) nur beim putzen muss man etwas aufpassen da die Oberfläche rau ist.Die Farben sind schön kräftig und die Montage ist super einfach! Ich würde es definitiv wieder kaufen.

    41. Juliana

      It was a life changing for me

      I have 2 small girls and really need something to avoid falls in the bathtub. All hugs were a nightmare getting moldy so fast, even washing them regularly. Lots of work, vinager, baking soda, and money lost. I used to buy new hugs very often and I was always upset by them.Those stickers are so good. Easy to install, very good adhesive, super easy to clean. And nobody is slipping in the tub. Just buy them

    42. Aaron

      Great for non-slip

      These are great for creating a non-slip surface. I did buy 2 pack to cover enough for our traditional size bathtub

    43. angie


      They are cute but one of them started to peel after 3 weeks. They stick well and are effective.

    44. L.S.C

      Water proof

      Easy to install 1 & 2 & done

    45. m weaver

      Good look and feel horrible for staying stuck on the tub

      I love the look and feel of the stickers. Unfortunately after two showers some of the stickers are coming up. Such a bummer my granddaughter really loves them. 

    46. Andrea Garcia

      Get them!

      Helped our dangerously slippery shower floor!

    47. Autumn Osborne

      Children Approved

      Easy to install. No more slips and falls!

    48. Chet Yubetcha

      No more slipping

      I followed the instructions that others wrote about making sure the shower was clean and dry and then waiting the 24 hours after application. They stick well and work really well in our shower.

    49. Trevor Lalonde

      Great product, sticks well!

      Title says it all!

    50. Kat S.

      Great stickiness

      It’s great it’s worked well with no peel off for weeks and my tub. Please do not use if ur tub is painted or spray painted it will rip of the paint as it did mine. But I covered it with a bigger animal sticky 😂. Lov it anyway not trying to take them out.

    51. Pearl L Swig

      I don’t skid

      I live in a senior retirement building and it is very important to feel secure in the shower. I like the decals better than the mats for the shower. I feel safe and secure and my shower looks so cute.

    52. Nana

      Great! Don’t slip in the shower.

      Easy to install. Stuck great! Enough for a shower but if you’re going to do a bathtub get 2 packages.

    53. J. Childers

      Perfect for my kids!

      My daughter would slip in the tub all the time. But when I put these down she hasn’t slipped yet. She loves learning about all of the different animals and things! They down slide or anything! The adhesive on the back is perfect! Super easy to install!!

    54. Sara l lyngholm

      Kids love be them.

      These are great… durable.

    55. Greg

      A little rough on little buns.

      Worked great, just a little rough for kids buns but we use a towel to sit on and works great. Definitely necessary.

    56. sabrina malcolm

      My kids love my tub now

      I bought these to cover a little scratch that was developing rust. It worked and now my tub is so pretty

    57. mgs10309

      Look cool, don’t last long

      Kinda disappointed. These looked great and went on as expected, now 3 weeks later the grip portion is starting to peel. The tub I used them on only gets used a few times a week and already I’m having issues. Update 4 more are now coming up without using the tub since my review. 

    58. David E. Dominick

      Absolutely adorable but…

      These are so cute. I loved them from the start.I still have them, though only about 5 are still on the bath tub floor. The rest all came loose between 1 and 3 months (though i kept them and they are on the shower wall now).I wish i could recommend them; but unless you just want decorative stickers for your shower, i would not recommend that you buy these.

    59. Vii Marie

      Highly recommended

      We LOVE these!! The quality is great and they’re super durable and adhesive! I would DEFINITELY recommend!!

    60. Brittney

      Stick sooo well!

      I haven’t had to remove these, but they work so wonderfully!!! I haven’t had any issues, they stick to the tub amazingly! Highly highly recommend!!

    61. Monika


      Haven’t used them yet but they’re pretty big and very cute! 1 pack it def enough for the whole tub.

    62. Angela


      My grand daughteroves them!

    63. Samantha

      Love them!!

      I love them! Wanted something like a bath mat for my kids when they are in the bath to help with slipping. Very easy to place on.

    64. Adam Gordon

      They stuck good when you…

      Clean the tub with a dish soap then rub it down with alcohol abs let it dry and they will stick forever!

    65. CruzanB

      Awesome product!

      My daughter loves to play in the tub, as most toddlers do. It took us a while to transfer her from her baby bathtub to the bigger one due to the slickness of the surface. Low and behold we found this product and it was a game changer for her and us. We can now let her play freely without worrying about her slipping and getting injured. Not only that but we can now get rid of the her baby bathtub as well. The adhesion was seamless. They instructions said to wait 24 hours before using…..yeah right. I think we waited 24 minutes. It’s been over a week now and have NOT had any issues with the stickers peeling up.

    66. Veronica Miller

      BUY THESE!!!

      These are amazing!! They are bright colored and work perfectly to prevent slips. I even put a few on the side of the tub for decoration for my baby to look at while bathing! I cleaned the bathtub VERY well & then wiped it down with 90% isopropyl alcohol to ensure MAXIMUM adhesion!! None of them have peeled up not even a tiny bit!Love this product!!

    67. Denise

      These were easy to install and stick very well.

      Used for children’s bath. Very colorful, textured, stick well.

    68. charles r.

      they stay pit

      i was kind of not quite sure if they would stay stuck and i was impressed they did im very satified

    69. berit weschenfelder-wächter

      Super halt und sieht cool aus,auch wenn man keine kleine Kinder mehr hat.

      The media could not be loaded.

       Ist jetzt ca 3 Wochen in unsere Badewanne und es hält,man rutscht nicht,da wir mehr Duschen als in der Wanne liegen. Also zu empfehlen 👍

    70. Christine


      Loved the variety, they stuck great, kids love them, and they prevent slipping – which was the goal!

    71. ROY A. SANTNO



    72. Clinton

      Easy to apply and stick well.

      These are perfect for our little one.

    73. Ada Romero

      Muy buen producto

      Excelente producto, aún después de lavar la bañera con tylex x bathroom no se despegan

    74. Bea

      Very colorful

      Easy to stick and use. My year year old loves them!

    75. amanda rider

      Great product

      Easy to apply, colorful, fun, excellent quality! Should the need ever arise, I will absolutely purchase these again.

    76. Kindle Customer

      Easy to install

      Easy to install. 

    77. Shawn Marie Lacey

      Bath time

      They don’t last. 

    78. Sarah


      Love love love these. They were exactly what I was hoping for. I read a lot of review about other people’s stickers coming up during the next few of baths however I have not had this problem. It is important to follow the directions in there entirety. Must clean the tub, dry it, alcohol wipe it, let it dry some more and then apply the stickers. We waited the full 24 hrs before bathing our baby and they have been perfect and still stuck down. Baby loves all the colors too. 

    79. akozloski

      Highly Recommend

      Easy to use and work well. My 2 year old had a blast decorating the shower and they are very grippy. Have had them for quite a while and they have stayed in place. 

    80. Adam

      Not the most grippy.

      They are non slip enough to be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods bit not enough to keep a toddler from slipping and busting their lip once a week or so. Stops some slip and falls but not all.

    81. carla anderson

      Large stickers, but partial order

      The good , several of these are large enough the palm of your hands…the bad, my order was missing 3 stickers

    82. Denise

      So far so good

      I read the reviews and I was skeptical but for the price I decided to purchase them. They work great and are sticking.

    83. Cindee Wheeler

      Not adhesive enough

      My tub was clean and dry before I put them down. They were easy to install. … However, they all came unstuck by the next morning. I love the images just wish they would’ve stuck better. 

    84. Danielle Main

      So far good

      I love the colors and shapes! It even came with a plastic tool to help with applying them!

    85. Jessica


      Loving these. Had a bath mat before and the suction cups were always gross. These work great for my 1 year old. The 20 pack for my normal tub may have not been enough but I made it work. 30 might be better for little Littles but 20 spread out sure keeps me from slipping even when sitting in the tub. Only 1 looks like it’s starting to peel but that’s my fault for not actually scraping them all down. I just slapped them into a dry tub and rubbed my hands around. It’s been 2 weeks and I will be buying them again if they can’t be transfered. 

    86. Armin M.

      Super süße Antirutschaufkleber

      Tut was es soll und sieht optisch super aus 👌Qualität ist auch top!

    87. Mary

      Sehr zufrieden

      Ich werde noch bestellen

    88. ab12

      1 year old loves them

      Worked like a charm for my 1 year old. She was committed to standing in the tub and these have definitely helped reduce the number of falls. I introduced them to her before putting them in the tub. She loves them and I’m happy she’s safer. 

    89. A. K.

      Feels very grippy

      They have great grippyness but some of the designs don’t really go with the cartoon sea creatures theme, they are advertised correctly but I didn’t notice until they arrived. I would buy again though.

    90. Schöffel

      Schöne aufkleber

      Ich finde sie super. Wir haben es geholt wegen unserer Tochter, weil sie unsere Badewanne nicht mochte und mussten sie aufpimpen. Zwei waren einbißchen locker, aber haben wieder gutgehaften und die kleben . 😁😁

    91. lisa lisa

      They work great and look really cool!

      We used them in our bath tub. Very cool!!! And no more slips.

    92. David Stahlheber

      Underwater Stickers

      I now have the Best Tub around thanks to these bad boys. Transform your tub unto something fun and teach your babies about each animal sticker.

    93. Katy

      Dont stick for long

      They’d be great if you have perfectly smooth tub bottom, but if you have a rippled floor they only stick for about two tub fills. 

    94. Kathy Victorino

      Love these

      Perfect non slip pads

    95. MJG

      Super cute!

      My kids love these stickers! They’re adorable and work like a charm. No more slipping and falling in the tub. They’re also not rough and hard on your skin like a lot of others are.

    96. Sunni may

      LOVE it!!

      LOVE LOVE LOVE.. These!!!

    97. Steve

      After 1 week they’re coming loose

      Easy to install but not staying stuck very long 

    98. Stephen smith

      Great buy

      They are perfect

    99. Sarah J.


      Everything about these stickers are perfect! My daughter loves them and they are super sticky! Not too rough on my little ones booty either.

    100. Shawn Michalski

      Good buy!

      Kids love them and baby doesn’t slide around tub.

    101. Christian

      Amazing product!

      Very bright colors, great quality!! They stick well, easy for my children to sit on while bathing. Went through many different lines that eventually peeled, except these. Just buy them!!!!

    102. Lizzita

      Product review

      Bought these for my grandchildren’s tub and my daughter absolutely loved them

    103. Vivienne

      Started peeling off just after one week

      First of all, these stickers have very rough surface so not very comfortable to stand on. Secondly We applied those stickers on the bath tub for only about one week, they already started peeling off. Very bad quality! Do not recommend at all.

    104. Brian Hewett

      Sturdy and cool to look at for the kids!!

      Beautiful colors and pictures!!

    105. fungi60

      good product

      I loved this product. They were very easy and look good. They solved my slippery bathtub problem and my 5 year old granddaughters thought they were great.

    106. Sara

      So cute and easy to install

      Added these to our bathtub for our toddler and it had zero non slick to it. Easy to put on and really great quality. Works so well, no more slipping for him in the tub. He loves to point out all the fish too

    107. Meghan Andrews

      great product

      these are super cute and work really well!! will buy again

    108. Jennifer Marie


      I was a bit skeptical when I ordered these, but they are awesome. I installed exactly how it stated, and we have had no issues. None have started to peel, and seen to be firmly stuck in place. I am so pleased. My children had to get used to the feel of them against their skin, but otherwise they love them and got used to then quickly. Recommend for sure. 

    109. Di

      Works great.

      Bought these stickers to put on child swing seats that are slick. 

    110. Colleen

      Don’t buy these

      These are super cute. But it hasn’t even been a month and they are already coming off. Disappointed for sure. 

    111. Terri Butler

      Great value.

      Cute and colorful. Great value for the price. 

    112. silver

      Accurate description and good quality

      Great love it !

    113. Sara Bowermaster

      Mixed feelings.

      Better than having a mat but Definitely don’t stick to the floor of the tube very long. Three weeks in and I already have about 6 stickers that have came off.

    114. Rene

      Sticks to your bum after 2 months.

      Bought this item after reading some promising reviews. After 2 months the product surprised me by adhering to my left and right bum bum cheeks after a bath and I basically had to remove it surgically. Worth the price I guess.

    115. Kris and Justin Schofield

      Love them

      We followed the directions to the letter with applying these and so far they stick great. I have super sensitive feet but no problem standing on these, abrasive enough to provide traction but smooth enough to not be uncomfortable. I wish I could have captured the moment my 1 year old saw them. Now she tells me everyday that it’s bath time lol.

    116. Harvala

      Well made product and kids love the characters

      The stickers are really cute and cover a good portion of the tub. My 9 year old helped me put them in the tub, very easy to get the backing off and apply them. We have tried a few different non slip products that didn’t work well but we all really like these. The non slip texture does its job without being too rough. 

    117. Jamie

      Great quality.

      These are excellent. Look good. There’s enough to cover the whole tub. They are well made and Sri k well!

    118. Shamica yeargin

      Just what I wanted

      It’s just what I wanted. It’s true as the colors it is shown on here and it also adheres to my tiles very very well.

    119. Vanessa

      Cute and durable.

      One pack was enough for my two tubes love how easy and quick they were to install. 

    120. shannon


      Super cute and work well. My son loved helping me out them on and they stay much cleaner than the anti slip bath mats. We’ve been using them for about a month and they still look just as good as day 1 

    121. MrsB

      Cute but thin

      Cute, not as thick as I thought they’d be. Scraper is a bit flimsy

    122. Betty Albertson

      These work

      I put these down in my small bath tub at my cabin and they are great no slipping . My 72 year old neighbor uses it also and so far she has not slipped. Plus I just put down 3 packs in my large shower at my house and they look great I was using bath mats that I have to keep washed because they get slippery .So far so good .Make sure your tub or shower is clean and dry I scrubbed my shower the night before and the next day wet a microfiber towel with rubbing alcohol and wiped it down again and let it dry then put them down. 

    123. Jessica

      Did the job!

      I was hesitant after reading other reviews, but these are great! They stick and stay if you put them on correctly. Clean tub, place stickers, use the provided tool, keep tub dry for 24 hours! Great peace of mind for a mobile baby!!

    124. Barb E. Dahl

      So far, good

      Needed to replace the suction cup “pebble mat” because my little switched between bath and shower and those suction cups would float in a bath. These stick on and stay on. They were easy to install, my 5 year old wanted to arrange them. Clean tub, let dry, apply each creature, let sit at least 24 hours before getting wet. So far they stay in place. Just textured enough to add traction without chaffing her feet.

    125. Andrea

      The perfect non slip grip

      Wonderful product

    126. Kindle CustomerMQK

      Wish they sticked long on the tub. But really nice looking

      Wish it sticked better. 

    127. sarah d

      Good purchase

      So far so good! I like that there are enough of them to cover the entire tub floor. We have had no problem with them coming off. The sea creatures are bright and fun. My child really likes them.

    128. Jennifer Wilkinson

      Very abrasive on little knees

      Super cute stickers, went on easy and very adhesive. But they scrape up my toddlers knees while she plays they’re very gritty

    129. sasha bloomer

      A must buy!

      These work great, we no longer slip and slide in the shower

    130. Melody Stringfield

      Great non slip

      The kids love these and they were very easy to install. Have held up well and not too rough on feet or kids bottoms.

    131. Joel Steinbach


      Very good for the tub

    132. digitalartist

      Really Cute, colorful and easy to add to Shower or bath

      Super cute and colorful. Added to shower tiles and they stuck to the tiles great. So far they are staying even after a clean with comet. They do stick good, so make sure to be sure as I don’t know how easy they would come off. They feel fine under your feet, not to rough, but make the slippery tile safer for unsteady people. (like people who have had a stroke and need that extra help). I even added a couple on the tile wall to make it more decorative and fun.

    133. Emily K.

      Great for the shower

      These were easy to install and work perfect in our shower for a nonstick flooring. Our kids also love looking at them! 

    134. Diba

      So far so good

      My family really loves these stickers so far. Our baby is so much more confident in the bath now. He crawls right on the stickers and doesn’t slip. They were easy to get on and seem to be stuck on pretty good. The stickers are bigger then I thought they’d be and they look great.

    135. Lisa Isaac

      Just what I was looking for!

      Bright colors and friendly face’s! Just the right amount of stickers. My grandson loves them!

    136. dolores finlay

      Bathroom stickers they made tub and wall look great

      They were hard to pull apart

    137. Danielle


      Product seems well made and durable. Bright colors and quality print. Happy with my choice!

    138. Brittney R.

      Love these!

      These are the best. Cute bright design and extremely non slip and sturdy. I have bought too sets so far and they are wonderful for my childrens tub. We moved from our rental house where I had these on the tub and I loved them so much that I had to buy more for our new home. Buy this brand only tho bc I bought some that were cheaper first and they were horrible quality.

    139. Beverly Van Gundy


      Super cute! My kids love these. Cuteness and safety combined! 

    140. David Stahlheber

      Underwater Stickers

      I now have the Best Tub around thanks to these bad boys. Transform your tub unto something fun and teach your babies about each animal sticker.

    141. Dolly


      Son super lindas para elBaño de los niños

    142. kathi

      Finger weg

      Anfangs gut. Gute Haftung der kleine fasziniert.Nach ein paar Wochen lösen sich der Sticker in 2 Teile die rauhe Schicht geht ab, der kleine kann alles alleine abziehen. Keine Haftung mehr und jede Menge Kleber im Bad! 

    143. David C. Brayton

      Great Product

      Awesome. They have been installed for a couple months now. All are in perfect shape. No fading. No peeling.

    144. Alex Linkous

      No more slip

      My one year old no longer falls in the tub now so it works great!


      Great for the non slipping in the tub

      The children love bathing or showering with these

    146. E. P.

      Holy cow you will NEVER slip!!

      The number of stickers is perfect to cover the entire tub so there isn’t any spot big enough to slip left uncovered. My previous stickers wore out and were never that “grippy”. These are tough. I take a lot of baths and now I can’t slide around the tub because the stickers work so well. It is worth it because I didn’t want to slip in the shower as I use a lot of conditioner that makes the tub super slick. There is no way you can slip with these!! I would have preferred a more adult theme, but at least I’m safe and worry free in the shower. 

    147. Wave addict

      Great anti-slip stickers.

      These are high-quality pvc stickers, better than I’d expected. I read about problems with adhesion, so I first cleaned the tile shower floor with a soap scum remover, then used windex, then Bon Ami with a scrubber pad. Thoroughly rinsed between steps. Waited for complete drying and installed the stickers carefully and with my weight on them. Only showered twice so far, but none have loosened. I’ll update if there’s a problem.

    148. Amazon Customer

      Grandson love them

      My 4 year old grandson loves themWe had fun with him helping me put them in the tub we use for his bathes

    149. ALEXANDRA

      Nonslip bathtub stickers

      These are so cute! They transformed our bathtub and made the entire bottom of it non-slippery – perfect!

    150. Jessica Köhli

      cute and functional

      it does the job. my baby loves them

    151. Psue


      The stickers are so bright and colorful, I love them.

    152. Lisa G. Holloway

      Great non slip material

      These are the greatest! They don’t peel up or get nasty. They are great for not slipping in the tub. I highly recommend!

    153. Janis Walton

      So cute and easy to put on

      Love these and they are easy to install and stick very well.

    154. alice

      Belle e funzionali

      Molto carine, facili da applicare e rendono bene il loro utilizzo

    155. Nadine Preston


      They work great

    156. Tristan Wood


      They are easy to install and stick very well. Seen a lot of comments that they lifted after the first use but mine didn’t. They are still stuck to bathtub. No lifting no air pockets! Super satisfied and kid is happy !! Would recommend to everyone!

    157. Paula Lee

      Great product

      Not only are they colorful but also do the job. Just rough enough for no slip but not too rough for my grandson’s little feet.

    158. Mike B.

      Nice, colorful safety stickers. Great product

      I cleaned the bottom of the bathtub with rubbing alcohol to ensure any film was removed and the surface was clean. The stickers installed easily and the adhesion was plenty sufficient. They’ve been on for about 3 months now. The edges stuck very well and there’s no evidence of them curling up or coming off. We have three children aging from 1 up to 12, these grippy stickers have done their job, No More Slipping!I believe this product is of great value to the safety and peace of mind that it gives. If I had more bathtub, I would install this product on all of them.

    159. Lord_of_Jesterfell

      Great for Kids!

      Son and I had a blast “decorating” the tub with these and there is no more slipping!

    160. Stevie

      Bright and colorful

      My lil man loves them, and I love the Non-slip. Super bright and colorful. Easy to use.

    161. Letters-t

      Clean u floor and dry floor before use

      My son he love and easy to clean value for money

    162. John Wilson

      Cute work good

      Easy to use cute fun

    163. Genepher P.

      Ran out of stickers

      Kinda wish more stickers was included in the bundle. I ran out of stickers, so the back 1/4 of my tub don’t have any stickers on it

    164. Richard Ziolkowski

      A must buy

      They are great stick really well. Our daughter has sensitive skin and they do not hurt her or leave red marks at all.

    165. Sandra Morgan

      Ease of installing

      I liked the look and how easy it was to install.

    166. Bora B.

      Does not stick to bathtub

      Followed all installation instructions yet stickers started floating after a single use.

    167. Lisa Oldham

      Good quality

      These are really cute and easy to adhere to the tub. I was able to peel one off and move it to a better spot before I had left it for the 24 hours. They are also good at covering flaws. They get the job done! My kids love them don’t have to worry about slipping. I may get more to fill the gaps.

    168. Jasmin

      Super Süss aber halten nicht lange

      Wir haben uns die gekauft, um unsere Badewanne für die Kids sicher zu machen. Die Kleber lassen sich gut anbringen und sehen lustig aus.Die Aufkleber sind allerdings so rauh, dass unsere Kinder einen roten oder gar wunden Hintern davon haben. Auch lösten sich die ersten Kleber schon nach der 3. Nutzung.Habe grade 1,5h damit verbracht die Kleber wieder aus der Wanne zu entfernen und die Kleberückstände mit Nackellackentferner zu beseitigen… wir gehen wieder zu unserer alten Matte zurück

    169. Kindle Customer

      Does not stay stuck to tub

      Loved the colors and the shapes. My grandson loved them. After several bath/showers they started to come loose. I made sure that the tub was clean and dry before sticking them but they do not stay stuck. Hate that I wasted my money. 

    170. Jeremy

      The kids love them!

      We purchased these so that our boys (2&4) could stand while having showers and get into the tub by themselves. We followed the instructions and cleaned the tub very well and let it dry for a good 12 hours. Then we just stuck them on and pressed down very firmly with the provided tool.They are still sticking after 1 month of use and show no sign of letting go.The only complaint would be that they almost offer too much traction. The boys found it weird to sit on when having a bath, but they got used to it after a while. 

    171. Jam

      Brilliant !!!

      For the price, feels like I got major quality and quantity. Very cool.Jackie 

    172. Johnny B

      They’re Great

      I love them. We use them on our boat

    173. Schmiddy

      Hält nicht

      Bereit nach dem ersten Duschen lösten sich 9 aufkleber.Schade ums Geld.

    174. Magic World

      Cute and effective

      We got these to replace a suction bathmat that kept moving around, for our one year old who loves to stand in the bathtub. We love them! 

    175. Fabio


      Schnelle Lieferung.Qualitativ kann man garnichts bemängeln und die Haftung ist auch sehr gut.Mein Kind freut sich jedes mal über die Dinger wenn er die wanne sieht.

    176. Deborah S. Huff

      Too rough on skin!

      This will tear you bottom up. They hurt to sit on. Super cute but I had to peel them up after 2 uses. They tore my daughters knees up. 

    177. CynNoMore


      I was looking for something that would give my little nieces a more enjoyable time in the bathtub (they are 4 years old and 2 years old). The 2 years old always gave us a tough time as she did not like water….LOL. While they took a nap, I snuck these sticky creatures into the bathtub. As I installed each one, I realized how nicely made they were. The colors of each creature are vibrant and the animals themselves are delightfully drawn. Come bath time, I told my nieces I had a big surprise for them. When the 4 years old looked at the tub, her eyes went wide, and her smile lit up the entire room. The 2 years old just stared and smiled and eagerly got into the tub. The non-skid surface gives peace of mind as they splashed around with their new “friends”. I HIGHLY recommend this item. You will not be disappointed and your kids will be delighted! 

    178. Timothy Dye

      Kid loves it

    179. Megan

      Love them

      So easy to install. To griddy fall out. Cute.

    180. lynne gavrillen

      Second nonslip bathtub stickers

      My IL great niece absolutely loves them! They have great adhesion.

    181. Areal

      Cute, but rough on skin.

      These scratch my kiddo’s skin! If it weren’t for that, I’d give them 5 stars. They work well at preventing falls and are really cute. 

    182. Sara

      Painful if anyone plans on sitting down!

      The stickers are really rough on the surface. My daughter wasn’t able to take a bath bc the stickers hurt the surface of her bottom. ALSO, after a few days, the stickers are already pealing. Would not recommend to anyone! 

    183. Sissi

      Tolle Antirutsch Aufkleber

      Haften bisher sehr gut

    184. Aidan White

      The Stickers Have Eyes (D.D)

      Great product that keeps my daughter safe when shes in the tub.But when I’m showering it feels like their eyes are a little too… I just think I’m being judged is all. 

    185. TXKateNVA

      Cute, easy, and effective

      Cute and anti-slip! We had a suction cup mat, but it allowed black mold to grow underneath and was hard to clean. We wanted something non-slip for our 15 month old son and for my in-laws who also use that bathroom. These were easy to apply and are fun at bath time!

    186. Leelee


      My grandson likes to swim with the sea animals in the tub!

    187. Heather L.

      Easy to install and CUTE!

      I just received these yesterday. They were very easy to install and seem like the adhere well. They are soft rubbery grip. The characters are very cute. I used all of them in my one bath tub.

    188. Angie


      So far, these have worked really well. I’ve had about 3 of them lift but they’re easy to stick back down. They work great and my daughter loves them.

    189. Tanya

      Color doesn’t look like pictures

      The colors were NOT bright and vibrant like in the pictures, so I was pretty disappointed, I thought they were going to be like the other ones I purchased a couple months back but that was not the case

    190. sflowers

      Delivered wrong item

      I was delivered alphabet stickers instead of sea animals. Nevertheless they seem to stick well and are just too cheap to justify returning. It serves its purpose. Good enough for me.

    191. Jenny & Chris Rodrigue

      Wonderful! My daughter loves them! No problems!

      Have had no problems with these since I’ve received them and installed them! Definitely recommend them!

    192. Corin

      So cute!

      They stick really well and are super cute! Only down side my 2 year old is now scared to take a bath because of the animals in the tub lol

    193. Itzel

      Easy to install

      Very good and easy to place in the tub the kids love them

    194. chris stewart

      Safe and cute!

      I got these to add some safety to our shower because we didn’t want to go through another mildew mat. Plus i have a 10 month old so why not make it cute too. Once you do a deep clean on your tub (trust me it’s for the best) these stickers apply super easy and after 24 hours your ready to go. I sat on the tub floor with my infant and they were not uncomfortable. Not bad for the price at all!

    195. Ajay Puri

      My son love it

      In love with these

    196. Maverick

      Decorative and non slip

      My daughter felt the need to replace my really old stickers. She wanted something decorative and these certainly filled the bill. They looks very decorative and colorful and are non slip.

    197. Ella D

      Easy stick easy clean

      Easy stick and no need to remove when cleaning the shower.

    198. Shedoll6

      Great adhesion

      These adhere very well, and they are even on a tub with a mild texture, although I’m not sure that’s recommended.just follow the simple instructions, making sure the area is clean, free of any dirt or oils.Look super cute, and keeps the kiddos from slipping while getting their bath

    199. Havilah L.

      Already coming up😒

      I put these on following closely the directions. Didn’t use the tub for 3 days. It’s been 2 weeks since I put them on. They are already coming up. That is disappointing for the price. 

    200. Constance Hudson

      Really cute for a pool area bathroom!

      Nice looking and plenty of them to cover a pool bathroom shower floor.

    201. Sydney Willhite

      Great product!

      They work great! They’re a little smaller than I thought. But there’s so many of them I was able to get them all over the tub. My two year old loves the look of them. Great for teaching sea creatures. And my child no lingers slips and falls. 

    202. Mark

      I enjoyed them until I had to move!

      They are really hard to remove once installed and there are no instructions how to remove them. 

    203. Stephanie

      Everyone swim to the left.

      I was happily surprised by this product. They were easy to apply, and the image quality is great. The little fish are adorable. The only thing I don’t like is that all of them look the same direction. Silly, but it looks funny that they are all looking the same way.

    204. c. alcazar

      sie sind super bunt und schön

      sie sind super bunt und schön

    205. Melanie Shelburne

      They work great!

      My 1yo just started wanting out of the bath chair to play so I bought these as a quick remedy for her slips. They work great, haven’t had any issues with them not sticking. Rough textured stickers, but not too rough if you wanna enjoy a hot bath. I had to buy 2 packs to full up my big tub, but for a guest bath or smaller tub in general, I feel 1 pack would work fine.

    206. Lexi Sponseller

      A cute way to make your bathtub safer!

      So happy with my purchase! My 9 month old is getting more independent in the bathtub and I noticed him slipping / sliding quite a bit so I wanted something to help prevent that.These decals were very quick and easy to install! Once I had them laid out, it took me maybe 5 minutes to apply them. They also stick really well! We have used them for several weeks now and none of them have showed any signs of peeling.

    207. TRS Camp

      Has stayed in place

      Easy to apply – I made sure the tub was clean and let the stickers set for 24 hours before using the tub. I’ve not had any issues with stickers coming up. Looks cute for a kids bath.

    208. Shay

      Good quality with a few casualties

      I bought these to add some extra grip on my tub for my one year old after transitioning out of the baby bath. My bath tub already has some slight grip to it which may be the cause for the few casualties we’ve had thus far, but overall, they are holding up well, we still have at least 15 of them, they were very easy to install, and the grip on them is amazing to help prevent slipping.

    209. paige whittington

      Works Perfect – Looks Great

      Easy to install and works great

    210. Vera Brun

      Better then shower mats

      I am not a huge fan of shower mats, they get moldy and nasty! BUT THESE are super cute and super easy to put into your bath tub. Your little one can even help! Sticker is sticky and stays put in the bathtub. I’ve had it for maybe a month now and there is a couple of the stickers that are peeling the non slip part(only due to my daughters small bath rubbing on it when she takes baths) other then that they are amazing and will always get more

    211. Melissa

      Works great!

      Stickers were super easy to install. Just cleaned & dried the tub as instructed! Stickers have been on for over a month with no sign of peeling. I purchased 2 sets to cover the entire tub. With the second pack, I didn’t dry the tub all the way & they still stuck great without any issue. Kids are able to move around without slipping & colors are super vibrant!

    212. Cloes_mommy10


      I got these for my kids bath tub, its an older fiberglass tub that lost its non-slip, we needed something for them. These go great with our beach theme bathroom and my girls love them. They all look so cute

    213. Creepy

      Great for preventing slipping

      These stickers have a course surface that gives baby feet a grip to prevent slipping. And they are adorable.

    214. Maddi Gonzales

      Buy two, one pack leaves large gaps..

      Very cute, my son loves them, but I do recommend buying two if you want to cover your full tub floor without a bunch of big gaps.. 

    215. Yuliya Nakhimovsky


      Love. We also used clear circles in between to cover more area. Bath time is so much fun cause we are swimming in an aquarium.


      Pr in ce

      Bought this for a friend and she loves them

    217. Daila

      Super cute

      I really liked them my kids were thrilled

    218. Sandy

      Perfect for what I needed!

      Very colorful and adheres perfectly to the spot I needed it (on plastic) made bathtime much more enjoyable for my grandson.

    219. Elizabeth Morrison

      Perfect for baby

      These were perfect for our very tall 1 year old who now refuses to sit in her baby bath. She kept slipping all over the bathtub and straight up wasn’t having a good time. The stickers were very easy to install. I used some rubbing alcohol to wipe down the tub first and they’ve stuck perfectly since then. The texture is great, enough for slippery baby feet without being abrasive on her sensitive skin. 10/10 would buy these again.

    220. Jamie Silvis

      Follow instructions and no issues

      They were larger than I expected which was a bonus. Absolutely love the variety! Easy to put down and look great 

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