Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers 24 PCS Safety Bathroom Tubs Showers Treads Adhesive Decals Scraper (Black)


  • PEVA material
  • Special Glue
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Install
  • Non Slip & Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Residue
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    • ★Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. To solve this potential dangerous situation, we supply new products to provide anti-skid surfaces. The nonslip bathtub stickers strips set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub.
    • ★Design Principle. Each strips can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special ecological glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
    • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. And to top it all up, the stickers are non-toxic, fade-free, safe, and convenient to use.
    • ★The package comprises 24 pieces (0.8”x7.9”) of black stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 24 stickers can occupy most of the surface of bathtub thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use these stickers on the stairs to make them much more secure.


    Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub stickers that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub.

    About Secopad stickers

    Each Seocpad strips can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

    Why Use Secopad?

    Our Secopad strips are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.

    The Premium Non-Skid Product

    These non-slip bathtub stickers are effective to stick to any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor or stairs, swimming pool, etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.


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    213 reviews for Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers 24 PCS Safety Bathroom Tubs Showers Treads Adhesive Decals Scraper (Black)

    1. sharon ferland


      These strips are easy to install and you don’t really see them after they are installed.

    2. Annie17

      Do not stick well

      These have started to peel off of the tub after a few months. The other kind I have on has stayed for years. Do no recommend. Yes, I cleaned the tub with alcohol and allowed it to dry before applying.Also, the clear strips turn slightly yellow with time. I recommend white instead of clear.

    3. Charles M. Wyzanski

      Can’t say how long lasting after two weeks

      Adhesive, almost invisible, serves the purpose at a very reasonable price.

    4. Brandee

      Love these

      These are so so easy to use I installed them by myself all I did was clean the dry bath tub with white vinegar and followed the directions I just took my first shower since installing them and I had a slicker than snot bath tub I’ve never in the last 5 years felt more safe in the shower I got clear and you literally cannot see them at all I had to feel for them just to put them in properly which is good since I live in apartment where we cannot do any cosmetic things to the apartment but hey it’s better than breaking my leg again

    5. A. Schoonover

      These are great

      We have an old, small cast iron tub that’s pretty harshly sloped and every time I used conditioner, I would start sliding down toward the drain. These are just textured enough to keep me in place and give me solid footing when I get in and out. They are easy to clean, just need a little extra scrubbing. But so far I think mine have been on for about two months and they are still sticking perfectly.

    6. Steven A. Wilcox

      Made my shower much safer

      Made my shower much safer

    7. sister mary rambo

      Amazing anti-slip property!

      Seems to grip feet. Can’t turn without lifting foot up. Very happy with them.

    8. Bobbi Gubser

      2nd time I have purchased these and they are wonderful!

      2nd time I have purchased these and they are wonderful!

    9. Glen



    10. Clyde

      Work well

      Work well

    11. Bridgette

      Covers 2 tubs/showers. Easy to do.

      Easy to install (minus the plastic piece you’ve got to peel off the back.) Slip-proof. Definitely works!

    12. Bernice Harris



    13. laura figueroa



    14. Kathy2

      These are great!

      I tried several different types of ‘non-slip’ bath mats. They all slipped. My husband and I are seniors and our new apartment has quite a small tub. Almost assuredly, a fall in this tub would end in serious injury or even death because the bathroom is tiny, too. There is no safe angle to fall from. These strips WORK. I got the clear, so you can’t even tell they’re in the tub. I feel confident now that we won’t slip and fall.

      2 people found this helpful

    15. Eduardo


      I usually slip (haven’t fallen) in the shower and with this product I haven’t slip yet. I move throughout the shower with total ease and comfort knowing that I have these in. I would totally recommend.

    16. Adrian

      Great product !

      Works perfectly ! As described. Yup they are set on my tub, and you can barely see them ! It was super easy to put them on… I followed all the instructions and waited 24hrs for best results and so far so good ! Thanks

    17. NM

      Traps dirt

      I used these for a little while until I realized they trapped dirt from rinsing out of the tub. They were easy to install and remove.

    18. Christina

      Anti slip stickers for shower

      I do rec these for everyone! They stay perfectly and do help not to slip in the bath.I hated having to constantly clean our nonslip mat it was a pain to have to always keep up on it.With these stickers No maintenance needed!Just fry the tub stick them down and you are done!!

    19. Mrs. W.

      Easy to apply

      I liked the fact that these are so easy to apply …I had no problem placing them on our shower floor.

    20. Melissa Shea

      Highly recommend

      These stuck very well. I used them on the back of my grab bars as well for added grip and you don’t even see them. Good product!

    21. Mississippi Bird Lady

      Better than a bath mat

      Works great to prevent slipping and falling in the bath tub. Good quality. Easy to apply.

    22. Christine Palochik

      Fast and easy

      It was all that I hoped for.

    23. JoAnn S Griffin

      Used twice since I installed very simple no fuss no mess I recommend

      I like so far two days in adhesive doing its job easy peasy!

    24. Donna


      Work great in shower stall easy to put down

    25. woods

      Works in my shower

      The first two I put on came off in 24-48 hours, but the third have been on good for two weeks now! Hope these are the same as the others I have had on for 4 years!

    26. Linda Eggert


      Easy to apply. Have stayed on for about 6 months now. No sign of lifting.

    27. bongo

      Good, but thicker than I thought.

      Easy to apply and stick onto bathtub. These are a bit thicker than I was expecting though, and almost the thickness of a credit card did it is definitely noticeable when you step on them.

    28. Rene

      Bathtub safety strips

      No slipping or sliding. My elderly father is very happy!

    29. l smith

      For In / Out Smooth Surfaces Only

      Stickers would be perfect for a bath. But listing them for laders, stairs, etc needs to state for smooth surfaces only. I have wood grain on my composite deck and they are continually coming up a little at a time and dirt gets under. They do well in wet weather.

    30. Brandi

      Safe and easy to use

      Exactly what I intended to order. This helps majorly to insure my family and I don’t have accidents in the shower. I have a 2 year old son who gets a bit rowdy during bath time and this helps so he doesn’t end up slipping under water! Very easy to install and most of all keeps my family safe! 

    31. Amanda Smith

      Not the best

      We have a small bit of texture in the bottom of our tub and the first night we had them installed 2 came undone. I followed directions to a T you just have to have zero texture in your tub.

    32. brian414ers

      Work great

      I laid these out in my tub. Got the arrangement set how I wanted it. Then stuck them down. Installation was super easy. They have been in my tub for 9mos and have shown NO sign of peeling.

    33. Michaela

      Easy installation

      This product is easy installation and works great. The kids do not slip with this product down. You cannot see it so it does not look tacky. It has a great adhesive as well.

    34. Becs C.

      Just don’t get the clear ones..

      So they adhere great and super easy to put in but they will never look clean again. Its driving me insane. So I’ll probably get them up and get a different color. I do really like the spatula tool that came with it… It made it easy to apply. 

    35. Cindy B.

      Anti slip shower stickers

      Works as advertised

    36. Sheehawka

      NO DISAPPOINTMENT Almost invisible.

      Great no slip…but easy on your feet.My shower has a bubble like finish, on the floor. But its slippery. These strips go over the bubbly finish and hold tight. Been using it for a month and no movement at all. I wished I had done this from the start.Use this product, you WON’T be disappointed

    37. Ed

      The perfect bathtub safety strips

      Clear bathtub safety strips. You can hardly see them on the tub but you sure feel them holding your feet in place. Easy to install in minutes and easy to space.

    38. D D

      Easy to apply

      I like the size as they are easy to place in whatever pattern you want. They were easy to apply to the areas that needed them. I like the feel of them as they help me to be secure. My husband felt they were too high and made the tub floor uneven.

    39. ali_m

      Real guy, really applied myself, haven’t fallen on my butt since

      Not much to it they just work like they should

    40. Jen

      Big Safety Improvement

      Turned my shower from death trap to spa. I just put in a new shower with a fiberglass tray as I stepped into the shower my feet started to slip and slid all over and i almost fell. It was then that I remembered I had lotion on my feet.After installing these I have never felt anything but secure. I used one package in a 48 by 32 inch stall shower. When I was done I ordered another set thinking I might want more strips, but after using it the way it was I realized more would be over kill.

    41. Karen Seidlitz

      Great sticking power

      My husband became recently disabled, I bought these strips for the tub. easy application. Looks nice. They give you a lot of extra strips for replacement.

    42. CF

      Works great and invisible.

      Works great.

    43. Hinky Snarky

      Finally a strip that stays!!

      It’s been two months since I installed these. They haven’t shifted a millimeter! I was using the vinyl strips from W@llmart and had to replace them over and over.Old school ceramic on steel tub. I cleaned first with a scouring powder, then with Dawn dish soap, then toweled it dry. Be careful to put them where you want them because they aren’t going to move!

    44. Brandy Morrison Lenz

      Not worth it

      We followed directions but they came loose during the first shower. 

    45. PAM

      So far, so good

      After about 45 showers, the strips are staying fast. Very easy to install. Feet does not slip. For a few bucks these sure will keep one from falling through the glass, like my neighbor did.

    46. Friday Babe


      Not as adhesive as I expected as a few easily came off after a few showers. However, definitely better than a mat and certainly better than nothing. I would purchase again.

    47. Deborah- Waco

      Great purchase!

      I like that they give you a choice between 12 pieces and 24 pieces. The scraper is a wonderful addition. It helps make sure everything is securely stuck where it should be. Great purchase, great price, thanks!

    48. S. Palmer

      Works great

      The instructions on the back of the box are easy to follow and even though I didn’t clean the tub first and only wiped it down with a paper towel, they stuck fast using the scrapper tool. I used a herringbone pattern. I took a shower not 15 minutes later and they worked great. Not the uncomfortable texture on my feet that I was anticipating! The only con was the adhesive smell when I first opened the package, but that dissipated very quickly. 

    49. JohnnyH

      Works fine but with several negatives

      It works, it was fairly easy to install. It does prevent you from slipping. It also gets dirty very easily, traps hair or any kind of particles making your tub or shower very crummy. Would recommend something that is a bit more resistant to mildew.

    50. Karen M Russell

      Install easily, makes taking a shower a lot safer.

      These work great. They install easily and stay stuck down shower after shower even on textured tub surface. I feel totally safe taking a shower now that I have these strips.

    51. William A Stafford

      Great product, make sure the tub is clean, & dry before installing.

      I needed these for foot traction in my tub. I am quite pleased with how they have stood up after continued usage. My Tub was cleaned 24hrs, & Absolutely dry before I installed these strips.

    52. Robert Reinhart

      It works and prevents slips and falls.

      Hardest part was taking the strips off the paper as the paper tore to easily. The product works fine so far, but its only been a week since I appled it.Bob

    53. Deb Butash



    54. pc

      Very good product

      Easy to handle and stick on tub. Seems to stay white and not show dirt after 3 months. The color blends in well with tub color. Sticks well with very good adhesive.

    55. Susan K.

      They work!

      These strips work extremely well in my shower stall. They art easy to see and apply. The non skid surface is good. I suggest a larger number of strips per pkg. to completely cover all the tile squares so another purchase wouldn’t be needed.

    56. Ashley

      Uncomfortable on feet

      They will help you not slip in the shower but feel like sandpaper on your feet.

    57. Susieq

      Bathtub safety .

      It keeps me safe from slipping and falling in the bathtub.

    58. James

      good value

      Very easy to install. They have been in my bathtub for about two months now and show no signs of being less than perfect !

    59. Barbara O.

      Worked as stated!

      I actually purchased these to use on the bunk bed steps and they are perfect. I did have a little trouble getting the backing off. Otherwise, they are just what I needed.

    60. Jill

      Sticks to the tub well

      The strips were easy to apply, there was plenty of them in the package to cover the tub, they do the job of making the tub while using the shower not at all slippery. Good quality for a good price

    61. Kindle Customer

      There great

      I put down in the shower and they are sticking down just perfect and will help keep you from slip and falling.

    62. Lois L.

      They seem to work pretty good.

      Easy to apply. Stick pretty good so far.

    63. Melissa Buchanan

      Doesn’t last long

      Really easy to install, but after a few showers, the corners of the strips start to come up

    64. Primetime

      Great product

      This product is exactly as advertised. We used it to cover the bottom of our slick shower floor, and it has worked very well.

    65. keishla

      Easy install.

      Purchased clear. Didn’t read through instructions and showered right after they were placed however, worked wonderfully well. Haven’t lift or anything and Cannot see them once sticked. It’s like nothing is there until you step in and realize but the texture doesn’t bother at all. Used 4 packs in order to stick them very near each other since we have toddlers with tiny feet.

    66. Kyle Goode

      Ok for little ones

      I got this product to use in the bath for our twin infants. While it sticks well to the textured bottom, it is a little rough on baby skin when they’re sliding around, playing. Otherwise it’s a good product! It’s had to find something that would stick to our textured tub and this one does!

    67. R. Campbell

      Does what I need it to

      Nice product. Sticks well. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that there are 6 strips to a sheet. You can’t lay them out individually to get a good visual on the type of pattern to be put down as well as getting every one of them evenly spaced and level. 

    68. Larry

      Works great

      Great value

    69. kare


      Just what I was looking for. Works perfectly

    70. Amanda Christon

      Finally safe in the shower.

      These are great. They’re virtually invisible on my white tub, but I know they’re there because I feel very safe getting out of the shower. I had a hip replacement a few months ago and these make me feel more secure in the shower. 

    71. WorldViajante3

      Great for shower and bathroom floor

      Placed on shower floor and bathroom floor after I had a bad fall on the floor, slipped, and bruised my foot. I believe this helps now, or at least is a gentle reminder underneath me to be careful when the floor is wet! 

    72. F.W. Dupee

      Good non-slip solution for fiber glass/plastic shower

      Easy to install. Solves the slippery shower problem.

    73. sme168

      Does What it’s Supposed To.

      Our shower stall is almost 40 years old and is in need of replacing, but until we can do that, I needed to add anti-slip strips since the shower’s built-in strips have worn down over time. These strips are easy to install, they’ve stayed put, and do what they are meant to do—keep me from slipping!

    74. beano


      These were easy to put on and I already feel like they will be 100x’ better than any bacteria filled bath mat. I would highly recommend them

    75. Maggieblue

      Easy installation

      Got these for the walk in shower. Time will tell how they work out but they seem to be very secure. I will update if they do not last.

    76. Brenda

      They work

      They work great

    77. Paul Wadley

      Works like a champ.

      My R V shower floor was very slippery when wet. I installed these and no more slipping.

    78. irene moreno medina

      Help my mother in her shower

      I have them set up in stand up shower for my mom because she has fallen before and these really help out with her not falling.

    79. J.L.S.

      Great anti-slip decals

      Bought these to place on a Teak bath mat that had a smooth slick finish…I wanted to make surface not so slippery and this does the job plus it will protect the the teak surface for awhile.

    80. Teresa

      Perfect. Easy to install and look terrific!

      Used for bathtub. Stops slipping!

    81. Sandy

      slip and slide no more

      Applied to a shower floor which gets pretty slippery when I use liquid bath soap. The stickers really do work, I feel very secure with them on the floor.

    82. Donovan Zukauskas

      Proper prepwork = proper adhesion

      Work great. The texture is better than i expected. I was expecting a sandpaper like feel, these however are not discomforting to step on. They definitely keep you from slipping. Soft yet grippy prickles. Mine have been installed several weeks and no adhesion problems.CLEAN and SCRUB your tub, then make sure it is absolutely dry! I stuck a space heater in the tub for several hours. When using the scraper to push down – realy push and drag hard, you will brake the scraper before you damage the non slip. Run over it in every direction, make sure you get ALL the air pockets out. I am very satisfied, do recommend.

      2 people found this helpful

    83. paclight

      Amazingly grippy pebbled surface.

      The adhesive bonds well to any clean and smooth surface. The pebbled finish is initially jarring when you first step on it but you’ll soon get used to it. Grips your feet well.

    84. houcat01

      Good and secure stuff

      I liked, feel secure..

    85. Robert Sanchez

      Your money’s worth..

      I’ve had these on my shower floor for about 3 months. They already coming off on their own.

    86. linsteele

      Bath strip no slip

      I bought these and installed them which was very easy due to the sticky strips. They adhere great in my shower. They are a little abrasive on my sensitive feet but I don’t worry about falling in the shower. 

    87. Sharon Hagel

      Adhesion power

      Application, sticking power is great. Plus they are a safety piece but clear

    88. Can you handle the truth


      Just follow the directions and you should have no problem at all. Brought two boxes. So far so Good!

    89. Kendra

      Didn’t stick well

      They didn’t stick very well. I cleaned the tub before adhering but they started to come off by the 5th bath.

    90. Michael R. Montgomery

      Cleaner and safer than a bathmat.

      Very easy to install. I put these in our walk-in shower and my wife says she feels much saver. They stay put and so do you. So much cleaner than leaving a wet bathmat on the floor to mold.We love it

    91. Teresa

      Great product

      Easy to install just peel and stick them on. They are to bulky on your feet.

    92. kathryn

      Used for other reason


      5 people found this helpful

    93. Beth Bisson

      Great Adhesion

      Really love these. Way better than a mat that doesn’t stay in place over time. Great adhesion and easy to install.

    94. b kealy

      It works

      Easy to install in shower. It’s installed for 3 months and hasn’t lifted up.

    95. AMC

      Great if you only take showers

      Needed these for my really slippery bathtub. Does the job. My husband doesn’t like them when he takes his bath because they aren’t comfortable to sit on. But they work just fine. 

    96. CLars774

      These are a pretty good temporary fix

      These install very easily and adhere well. They do a basic functional job of making the floor less slippery but they’re not as effective as a really solid chemical treatment. That said, they do the job in the meantime. My only complaint is that their texture is pretty . . . not sharp but pronounced. When you stand on them, you definitely feel the texture. It’s like a mini acupressure massage for your feet if you like that kind of thing. I don’t love it but after the first couple of moments, I no longer notice it. Again, purely functional.

      3 people found this helpful

    97. Wayne M. Carle

      Works as described

      Shower floor

    98. Philip Singleton

      Missing pieces

      Did not come with scrapper, as stated in description. Now I have to figure out how to apply them without the scrapper to push out the air bubbles. Will update later when I figure out what else I can use and see how well they work.

    99. Alexa Morgan

      Good Set

      We used a set of these for almost 4 years before we needed to replace them. Easy to keep clean and they didn’t come off or curl at the ends at all. Also fairly easy to take off so we could replace them.

    100. YOGAPOSE

      Helps from slipping in shower/bathtub

      Overall very pleased with the feel of them to prevent falling in shower/bathtub. However, one came loose already after showering maybe 10 times. Overall, would recommend

    101. Teresita

      Anti slip solution

      Easy to install. They do the job

    102. L E Byerly

      Non slip adhesive strips for shower floor are great for seniors.

      They did what they were designed to do.

    103. Old Watch Collector

      It worked great!!!

      Good product to buy

    104. Lucus Maximus

      lots of stickers

      Lots of pads so if this first application goes wrong I can try again. Them puppies are se-cured, so no worries.

    105. Archie Garcia

      They work well, I feel very secure in the shower.

      As stated above very pleased with them. No more slipping in the shower.

    106. BLank-blank

      Applied to Steps and Tub

      Expecting them to last long. Placed on my wooden steps and in my tub

    107. Lolo

      Makes the shower safe.

      Used this in the master shower. Perfect! Easy to install. Plenty of stickers. Now I don’t worry about my husband slipping in the shower. Nice grip!

    108. Don LaVance

      easy application

      simple, easy to apply and minimum cleanup.

    109. Cheryl Dony

      so far so good

      only put them in a few weeks ago. easy to put down. they are sticking beautifully, my shower does not have a flat surface so a mat does not work. i tried a few. these are working great. most important I am not concerned about slipping

    110. DONNA SCOTT

      what your doing

      For my shower,so not to slip, so far so good!

    111. Jenn

      Great for shower traction, far too scratchy and rough for actual tub sitting.

      I liked these and really wanted them to work. They are great for anyone who doesn’t ever plan to sit down in the tub. They adhered well, and provide great traction for your feet. However, we needed something to make our toddler’s tub less slippery. These are quite thick and scratchy on any skin less tough than the bottom of an adult foot. They hurt my hands and made our toddler cry. The other plus was that they came up relatively easily and didn’t leave any residue or marring. We will keep looking for better solutions for our tub.

    112. Gary

      Easy Install

      They installed very easily and are nearly invisable.

    113. dedicated1776

      so far these are lasting great

      I had the same shower stickers for about three years and they finally started coming off, so I replaced them with another brand. All of those came off within a month of application. But these are sticking really well! Good texture, good size.

    114. Melinda S Doege

      Bathtub no slip strips

      Make sure you have straight before you stick down. Adhesive tape is strong. No pulling it back up.

    115. A. Soucy

      These strips worked out great!

      I cannot believe how much safer my shower feels now that these strips have been affixed. I had had several bad falls in my shower and now feel so much safer and more secure with these anti slip shower strips. 

    116. Rose

      These work great

      We got these for the tub, as we have to be careful as we age. (especially my husband, who has very weak legs and other health problems.) We had been using a suction bath mat, but it was hard to keep clean, dry, and mildew free. These were easy for me to install, and have stayed in place firmly. One pack was plenty to cover the entire standard bath tub. 

    117. RayGun


      They’re smaller than I thought they would be but you get plenty to cover the whole tub and are easy to install. Work great, and aren’t uncomfortable considering my daughter takes baths and so are actually sitting on them.

    118. Kindle Customer

      These really make a difference!

      We just had a new shower stall installed with a non-slip floor that did not feel safe for us. These anti slip shower stickers were easy to install, disappear when installed, and they make me feel so much safer in my own shower. I love them! 

    119. DaytonaKen

      Exactly what I was looking for.

      I am a 78-year-old male who lives alone. Thought it was time to have a little slip protection. I got the Color less ones and you really can’t even tell they are there. That is, until you step on them. Exactly what I wanted.

    120. Susan G. Dowgiewicz

      Been in shower for months and sticking well

      Highly recommend

    121. Jocelyn

      Very easy to install.

      I just put them in the tub today, but could notice a big difference in how slippery the tub was today compared to it yesterday. I’ve only used it once, hopefully my review won’t change anytime soon. After they are installed, you can hardly see them in a white tub. Very happy I have them, don’t want any more accidents! 

    122. Sophia

      Safe bathtub floor

      It’s almost a month that is stick to the bathtub floor. I follow the instructions for installing this. It is really great so far. Happy to use it. If it lasts for months or years, I will buy it again in case I need it again.

    123. TMenton

      Great nonslip strips

      I ordered the clear strips for a short term rental property after I was told the tub/shower was too slippery.I read all the reviews so I made sure the tub was dry before installation. I pulled the strips off the backing then applied then used the scrapper and rubbed the crap out of them to make sure they were going to stay put then I let them dry for 24 hours.The clear strips are almost invisible once applied which I love because I didn’t want something tacky like the blue butterflies my grandparents have in their tub/shower.It’s been about two months of nonstop renters going in and out of the place but these haven’t moved and they’re still clear. There’s no gross mold or dirty build up. They haven’t lifted even at the edges.

    124. Ashley

      Wtf is that smell?!

      They do exactly what they are supposed to, and very well so far I might add. It was easy to install but the no smell comment in the description was a flat out LIE. It had a horrible, pungent toxic smell that has yet to go away. I’ve only put them down 2 days ago, but I won’t DARE sit my child in it until that smell disappears. Otherwise I’m tearing em out. Hoping for the best. 

    125. Julia Varney

      Just as described.

      They look “spiky” but they are comfortable to walk on. Just be careful installing. I always clean with “rubbing” alcohol first to help them stick really well, but once they’re stuck – they’re stuck!

    126. Michael Reinholz

      Worked great.

      These shower stickers work great. Do follow the instructions and use the included plastic tool for making sure they are solidly attached. Haven’t had any problem and they look so much nicer than my old grungy ones.

    127. maryanna

      They work !!

      These worked good in my shower stall even though the shower has anti slip base. I wanted extra protection and now I fell I do.


      I love these.

      I love these anti-slip stickers. I ordered some for my tub and they do not come off very easily which is a good thing because I use a lot of soap and the last ones I ordered they just came up in one use. I love these so much that I had to reorder them so I can put them in my mother’s shower cuz they really do hold to the bottom of the shower. And an excellent price. 

    129. J. Wells


      Haven’t put on yet but they look to be just what I wanted. Had composite decking put on this summer and the smooth surface kinda freaks me out living in the north country. I bought these with the intent to use on steps if it gets slick.

    130. mindshift

      These ensure no falls from a slippery tub bottom.

      The non-slip bottom of my tub had worn down, and a shower was becoming a dangerous activity. So, I bought these, cleaned and dried the tub well, and applied them. They were easily applied, but they stick where they touch. I’m so glad I bought the plain stripes and not the squiggly ones. These have made taking a shower safer. Don’t know how long they will hold, or if it will be difficult to replace any that don’t hold, but for the price they are a bargain.

    131. TP

      Worked as advertised

      Worked as advertised

    132. Susan Smith

      Like alot

      Still working good

    133. Amzcustomer

      Glad I could find them again.

      Product arrived on date promised in good shape. I haven’t used them yet but am sure they will be fine. If you get back to me in a week I’ll let you know more. I expect them to do the job. They are just what I wanted & couldn’t find them in the store anymore. 

    134. Kindle Customer

      Easy to install

      Like how easy it was to install. Feels safer in the shower now.

    135. Joanne Nahous

      Great product. Very absorbent

      Exactly what I wanted

    136. TCozelos

      Life saver

      I use a deep conditioner for my hair in the shower and it gets pretty slippery. I had been using a mat, because my old decals wore out, and it moved and slipped sometimes. The tool that comes with it removed the old ones surprisingly easy. I used goo gone to remove the adhesive left over from the old ones. It comes with enough to almost cover the whole bathtub! If you have problems with the bottom of your bathtub or shower being slippery, I recommend you buy this brand.

    137. Bonnie M


      They are virtuallly invisible and work well!

    138. DALE!!

      really they does stop it

      i woodent stop in the shower kept on fauling in a slippery shower. i love theese to stop me from hiting my head a lot of times. i dont faul and cawse any head hits any more. but as you can see the damedge is aulredy done.

    139. BLT


      Good stickers

    140. Ruth Hafele

      Non-slip lifesavers

      My husband and I love these. My husband has Parkinson’s and getting in and out of our shower is problematic. These strips have made a difficult task so much easier.

    141. Joan Kavanaugh

      Makes tub safe.

      I like these very muchGreat invention 😊

    142. Tron 3000

      Maybe would work better on a flat surface tub.

      Second set of bathtub stickers from Secopad purchased. Do not adhere well to my tub. To be fair, my tub has a slightly pebbled surface (not enough to stop you from falling on your butt mind you). These do not stick well and peel off after a couple of showers. If there is any texture on you tub bottom, would steer clear.

    143. CourageYouNeed

      What is not to like?

      Product works absolutely great! The little tool included to remove the old stickers is extremely helpful! Make sure your bathtub or shower are very dry. Then just peel and stick!It certainly made my tub and shower look new again and helped the safety features!Wonderful product. I have already recommended it to several people.

    144. JCKS

      Love these!

      Love the bright color and easy to install. Great adhesion to the surface of my tub.

    145. Fay

      Helpful & Easy

      I liked and used on shower floor

    146. Vero

      Mixed feelings.

      These were a little hard to separate from each other. I needed to lay out my selected pattern before I stuck them on the tub. I didn’t have any sissors on hand, so that made it a little difficult. MOST of these stayed put in my bathtub. 3 of the 10 fell off after the first shower. There are more left in the package that I can use, but I’m annoyed that I have to get the cleaning supplies out again. The ones that stayed on have a very good grip though.

    147. Lady

      Problem solved!! No more slips in the tub/shower!

      The description say ‘stickers’, but they’re super thick… they’re not thin or flimsy at all, which is what I think of when I think of ‘stickers’. So, I installed these several months ago and they’re still stuck tight. I took my time and made sure every one of them had no bubbles stuck between. I practically wore the plastic tool out, that you use to apply the ‘sticker’ strips. Our water treatment system can cause the tub to be very slippery and we had several close calls before I purchased this product. Problem solved! Be advised though… although it’s the perfect texture for feet… as they are rough enough to keep from slipping in the shower…, they’re too rough for a baby’s bottom. So, I just lay a towel down first, when my grandson visits. I’m a problem solver ya know!

      4 people found this helpful

    148. Jill Willinger

      These are great!

      Now I don’t have to worry about slipping in the shower.

    149. Colin

      Great traction!

      Got these for my wife’s bathtub. She only uses it for showering; rarely will she fill the tub to bath. These non skid strips were very easy to install and has excellent grip and traction. You wouldn’t want to sit down on these strips if you were taking a tub unless you wanted a raw bottom….I’d put a towel down on bottom of the tub if you were to do that 

    150. Mary

      Anti slip stickers

      I recently installed a shower stall with a seat and found that the seat was very slippery when wet. I used these stickers and it seems to have solved the problem so no one will slip off the seat and get injured. 

    151. James G.

      Price and quainty

      Waiting for son-in-law to install.

    152. Sue B.

      They didn’t last

      These are a great idea, unfortunately, after 3 weeks a few of the strips have started to come up.

    153. Buy Guy

      Didn’t last

      They look good and I was hopeful that they would work. Unfortunately, they peeled off within 2 months. About half are still sticking but I don’t think they will hold on much longer.

    154. Vincent R. Mayr

      Great Price, Easy to Use

      The price was excellent. These things are easy to use/put on your shower floor and they do the job. If you need anti-slip equipment in your bath or shower, I can recommend this product!

    155. jean


      I have a plastic lined tub which was a little unsafe for me after surgery. These strips were so easy to apply and stay in place. They have a rough texture for gripping on feet.

    156. Sunshine Mel

      Easy to install and prevents the risk of slipping

      My uncle has expressed his desire that no one in the family experience the tragedy of slipping in a bathtub and hitting your head. These are an easy solution and not very noticeable. I didn’t want to put a bath mat in the tub and decided these anti-slip strips would be an affordable and clean-looking solution. I just cleaned the surface and applied them so they would blend in with the base of the tub.

    157. EM

      Good Value, Just didn’t work out for me

      These were a great value, however I have a textured tub and they did not work. It was easy to install them, but after a few baths, they started to peel up. I don’t think it was due to the product. They just couldn’t get a good seal on my tub. I would not recommend if you have any texture at all on the bottom of the tub. Again, nothing against this product. I can’t find anything that will stick!

    158. brenden mahoney

      Easy to use

      Great and easy to use

    159. Rocky

      Easy to install. Good surface friction.

      Easy to install. Surface is rough but not unpleasant to stand on.

    160. Echo Juliet

      Good product

      Seemed flimsy right out of the package, but they stick surprisingly well and provide a good amount of traction on wet tiles. They’re see-through, so your pretty tile isn’t broken up with strips of opaque white like some other strips I’ve tried.

    161. Lawrence Overbaugh

      did the job OK

      Strips were smaller than shown. Covered area needed in bathtub 🛀

    162. KenniLeigh

      Not for those who take baths

      Adheres okay. Out of the dozen I put on, three peeled off within a month or two. Also, I would not recommend these for some who has kids who use the bathtub or enjoy an occasional bath themselves. The grip is actually rather pokey and leaves red marks on your skin. If using just for a shower it’s fine.

    163. dimont


      I purchased these for my tub/shower combo for security while in shower and while rising from bath. Good product if you only use the shower, however, I am a bath girl and these stickers are ROUGH on the tush. I will be purchasing a removable tub mat to replace. 

    164. saeed

      good quality.

      good quality, easy to install, nice anti Slip Stickers .

    165. Vicki Sammons

      Don’t slip

      Tired oftring tokeep nasty bath Matt clean ! The are perfect ! Definitely will keep you from slipping

    166. Les Royal

      Perfect and safe

      Perfect… and attractive….sends message of caring.

    167. Jimmy Y.

      Safety first

      These precut adhesive strips were easy to install. We do not know how well these will stand the hot shower water yet. I used a pencil to lightly mark guidelines so the strips are neatly spaced apart.

    168. jd

      Insanely good.

      These things ate no joke. Be careful how you place them if you’re worried about straightness, as once their down that’s it. They will not budge, short of being scraped off. After installing I have no fear if slipping as the grippy texture is strong without hurting the bottoms of my feet.Will never use bath mats again, only these. 

    169. no.radar

      Pure white/easy to install/very strong adhesive

      Did EXACTLY as promised.

    170. Laura

      Invisible non-slip! But you can feel it.

      I needed these to replace the old ones in our tub. With two small kids, we need non-slip in the bath, but I hate the bright kid colors. The tub is also in our main bathroom, so keeping it neutral enough for guests can be a tough target to hit. These were fast to install and you can barely see them. Only issue is the kids complain they are too bumpy on their tush. I have them sit on a washcloth and problem solved. 

    171. Ken Atkison Bigguy@FVE

      sticks great to tub

      no comment

    172. Elizabeth

      Nice Product!

      I recommend this product. Does the job! Almost completely invisible on the shower floor. Impressive!

    173. Dawn

      Perfect stick

      Easy and color matched perfect.

    174. Donna Seckinger

      Easy to install

      They are hardly visable and allowed my beautiful new shower floor to show.

    175. Alice

      Shower stickers

      I ordered 2 sets and while everything seemed ok, I did not see any sign of a scraper.

    176. daniel foster

      Great product

      We have a very slippery tub. These worked great and now we don’t have to worry about slipping and falling in the tub.

    177. wpk


      We purchased this product after my husband had a stroke and his doctor suggested that he have some protection in the tub. However, he did not like the scratchiness that he felt while bathing. He ended up removing it and replacing it with something softer.

    178. jim steele sr.

      Works well

      They do the trick.

    179. Compliance Queen

      Stop slipping

      Easy to place in shower. Noticeable difference in the shower no longer being slippery.

    180. Fernando


      Work very well

    181. bruno

      I now feel safe in tub

      We put in a new tub with an anti slip surface could not tell it was anti slip at all. Used different mats and they would sometimes slip. Lined these up at an angle put them on and now I can’t slip. So happy to have found these and I can’t see them on the white tub.

    182. Melvin Woodard

      Very pleased with the purchase!!!

      Very Pleased!!!

    183. The practical Amazoner

      Didn’t last long

      The adhesion is very poor. Various of the strips have come off. Followed instructions to the “T” but simply not a good product

    184. Outsider

      Love the clear strips! These really work!

      I had almost slipped in the shower twice when I found this wonderful product! I bought the clear variety and I LOVE that you can’t see the strips on the tile! What was a a hassle was having to wait 24hrs before getting them wet. So I had to strategize when I could apply them and not shower bc we only have one shower. However, I finally got them installed and they work wonderfully!

    185. Kathy G.

      Great for tubs

      Nice for a safer tub

    186. keishla

      Easy install.

      Purchased clear. Didn’t read through instructions and showered right after they were placed however, worked wonderfully well. Haven’t lift or anything and Cannot see them once sticked. It’s like nothing is there until you step in and realize but the texture doesn’t bother at all. Used 4 packs in order to stick them very near each other since we have toddlers with tiny feet. 

    187. Karen LeClair

      Easy to install and they stick really well

      These steps work really well. Easy to install and they stick really well.


      Great strips

      Easy to apply I have had no problem with adhesive

    189. Peter B.

      Good replacement for a bath mat

      So I used bathtub mats for years and was sick of how dirty they get after only a few months. I would regularly clean them, but that becomes harder and harder as time goes on. I decided to try these strips out and so far so good. I imagine I will have to replace them maybe every 1-3 years depending on how dirty they get? I can already see the grime starting to build up on them (after three months), and I can’t clean some of it off. But they work great and are nearly invisible. I prefer these over a bath mat. The price is very reasonable, so I don’t mind buying again if/when I need to.

      3 people found this helpful

    190. Margaret B.

      Quick easy fix for slippery tub.

      I needed the tub to not be slippery and the rubber mat I had been using was hard to clean. These were easy to install and keep me from slipping. 

    191. Karen Geer

      no more slip and falls

      Did what it was suppose to do, very easy to install. takes a few minutes to get used to the nubby feeling but that is fine. no more slip and falls.

    192. oregon coast

      stop the slippery accident of falling

      feels good can shower without being afraid of slipping and falling

    193. Anna Reynolds

      Great product,

      These shower stickers are easy to apply. They do not collect dirt around the edges like other stickers. 

    194. Michael mitchell


      Very happy with this product

    195. Chris

      Easy To Install & Works Great!

      If you follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have any issues.The water flows right over them with no puddling. Also, they are sturdy, and don’t lose grip after cleaning them either. I definitely recommend, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again!

    196. Blythe Freeman

      It’s been a year and they’re still holding

      Works great on smooth surface tubs.Thoroughly clean the surface with vinegar to remove lime then clean with alcohol to remove any debris or soap/oil buildup.Worth buying! 

    197. Denise


      These were easy to install and so far work really well. My tub would get so slippery after 1 shower, we had to do something. These were the answer!

    198. CHERYL

      Made a slippery tub safe!

      Works great!

    199. Lisa bradfield

      Best I’ve found

      These are the best I’ve used so far. Easy to install and very sturdy.

    200. Leonard Chapman

      Very good quality.

      Like these, except, the clear backing is very stiff makin it hard to line them up..

    201. Customer

      High quality, work perfect

      Good quality, adhesion sticks long-term

    202. Esmeralda

      Great item

      Great item good quality you can’t even see then in the shower

    203. Scorpio76r

      Must have

      I don’t have to worry about busting my butt taking a shower ever again.

    204. kiwi9365

      Grips great. Transparent

      Very easy to install. I am 81 and had no difficulty to apply into newly remodeled bath tub. Clear and applied longways so water can more easily pass by to the drain. Didn’t need all the strips provided. Kept rest as backups. Not needed after 6 months. Not painful to bottom of feet. Good value!

    205. Dixie Ortiz

      Clear color is really clear.

      The box was enough for cover and makes more safely two of my bathtubs. Is ordered clear, and they’re really clear, you even noticed after installing. They remain clear after several uses and adherence is ok. Not problem at the moment. Comes in nice box packaged with instructions.

    206. LUIS

      Great quality

      Works perfect in my bathroom

    207. rondk

      Good product, good price.

      Very good, clear so not noticeable but good non slip.

    208. Victoria A.

      Exactly what I wanted

      Easy to stick and create own design. Working perfectly for me. Just know that the adhesive/plastic smell is strong but goes away in a couple of days.

    209. Michael

      Good tube and shower units

      I did not have the chance to use them as yet but they are made fine as I can see.

    210. BJ Mitchell

      Safety first

      I used it for shower safety. I like the ease of application.

    211. Pandagirl1004


      In the shower they are good. I didn’t slip at all. Last week I fell in the shower and hurt my back. So glad I found these.

    212. Joyce Watts

      That they seem to stick and hard to pull up if you want to move them.

      There is nothing really that I don’t like, but at times I wish they were a little wider.

    213. D. Shankle

      Effective but painful, too rough on skin

      Stuck on to our bathtub well and served it’s purpose, technically, but very rough and abrasive. Not really comfortable to stand on with bare feet and definitely not good for use in a bathtub as they are painful to sit on and can scrape and injure delicate skin. I replaced them with softer, kid-friendly tub tatoo stickers that work just as well at preventing slips without being overly rough. 

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