Secopad Anti Slip Shower Stickers 24 PCS Safety Bathtub Strips Adhesive Decals with Premium Scraper


  • PEVA material
  • Special Glue
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Install
  • Non Slip & Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Residue
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    • ★Wondering how to keep bathtub or shower floor from being slippery? To address this potentially dangerous situation, we provide the starfish shape non sip bathtub stickers for you. The anti slip bath tub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub or the floor of your shower tiles. Also you can stick it as the shape you like.
    • ★Design Principle. Each sticker is made in such a way that it easily attaches to the surface using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately 1250 tiny protrusions per piece. These protrusions are meant to increase friction. So you can stay safe with it and it’s also gentle for you skin. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
    • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. And to top it all up, the stickers are non-toxic, fade-free, safe, and convenient to use. You can use the sticker for bathtub, tub, tile shower floor etc.
    • ★The package comprises 24 pieces (diameter about 8.0cm or 3.15-inch) of clear stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 24 stickers should occupy at least 2/3 the surface thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use these stickers on the stairs to make them much more secure.


    Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub stickers that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub.

    About Secopad stickers

    Each Seocpad strips can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

    Why Use Secopad?

    Our Secopad strips are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.

    The Premium Non-Skid Product

    These non-slip bathtub stickers are effective to stick to any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor or stairs, swimming pool, etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.


    Transparet, White, Black, Gray, Blue, Pink

    57 reviews for Secopad Anti Slip Shower Stickers 24 PCS Safety Bathtub Strips Adhesive Decals with Premium Scraper

    1. Jane mary Harrington


      I love everything about these!World of difference in my slippery tub.

    2. Nikki

      Well worth the purchase!

      These little beautiful stars are awesome!!! My kids slip and slide in the the shower a lot and I’m always scared some one will get hurt but since putting these in the bottom everyone can stand a little easier!

    3. M-Rod

      Very nice and effective

      Very nice and effective. Just wish it came with more. Need at least two packs to cover an average size bathtub

    4. bwilson

      Great product

      Super cute and easy to install. Stars were smaller than I anticipated but there were so many in the package it worked out just fine. Been on the tub for a few months and no lifting, still doing great. Best of all no more slipping.

    5. tim hedrick

      alll good

      all good

    6. The King’s Wife

      They actually stick

      I’ve purchased several of these style of bath slip resistance stickers across the years. Most start peeling within a week. These have been in place for over two weeks and show no sign of losing their grip anytime soon. Very happy, just bought two more packs.

    7. mjenz

      Great product.

      These stickies are perfect IF you only shower. They are pretty rough on the old backside if taking a bath or having a soak.

    8. Luis Caraballo

      Does not work

      Installed yesterday and today already have a couple that do not stick. Very disappointed

    9. Colony C.


      Sticks wonderful

    10. Sandi Kolosik

      Works but flawed

      Work well, however these started to peel up after a couple of weeks.

    11. Amanda

      Love these

      Had to order 2 to cover my tub. Very easy to apply and clean.

    12. Gigiloveshergrandbabies

      Great product

      Went on very easy. Like that can put where is needed unlike a mat which always move once water gets filled

    13. Shelby

      Recommend !

      They are cute and really help give traction in the shower without hurting your feet!

    14. RedArmyLLC

      Came unstuck after the first shower

      Dried the shower fully, applied these and even stepped on them to apply force and they looked great, after 2 days the first person took a shower and half of them came unstuck n floated off.

    15. Barbara M.

      They work well

      They were easy to apply and stick well.

    16. Eva Garcia

      I don’t like the rough part on top of the stars

      Easy to install

    17. Susan S.

      Buy em!

      So great & had enough to do 2 tubs!

    18. maria fernanda rodriguez


      Is perfect and stylish! Very helpful

    19. socksymomma

      Great product!

      I used these to provide traction for my cats on shelves we hung on the wall for them so they wouldn’t slip when jumping from shelf to shelf. They do the trick!

    20. Desirae Martinez


      Pretty nice for the most part, start to peel after about a month.

    21. Dayna

      They are fun

      I almost think I could have used at least 6 more.Maybe get 2 boxes if you want enough for one tub

    22. Miss Tish

      But these!

      So good I’m ordering these for my other tub. Cute, easily applied, and they work. Enough said.

    23. Folia

      Not that good

      Nice looking product, easy install. The non-slip action was a plus, but after I’d say 1 month it wasn’t working that well. Then of course they started peeling up. So within 5 months all of the starts have come up. So, now have to look for another product.

    24. DRP

      Great product

      The installation was easy they have adhered well and they are colorless. There has been no discoloration as I have used standard household cleaning products.

    25. Lacey Benefield

      Proper Cleaning is Key

      I followed the instructions of cleaning and drying the tub (scrubbing all mildew/soap scum out and then a rinse with something like rubbing alcohol is ideal), applied, and didn’t use the tub for 24 hours. They’ve only been wet 3 times so far but they are working well.

    26. Robert J. Liszi

      Secure again in the shower

      Much needed grip while in the shower, but if you bathe they are a bit rough on the bottom, especially if you attempt to slide down while in the tub. hardest part was coming up with an acceptable pattern for the wife

    27. Janet

      Very easy to apply ,

      Shower stall I have feet problems this felt very good and comfortable

    28. Ithaca Robinson.

      Sticks great!

      Sticks so much better than your basic suction cup shower anti-slip mats!

    29. Justin

      Do not recommend if you have kids that will sit on these!

      These are great for standing on. They are not comfortable to sit on kinda sharp.

    30. BlueFlorida1

      Liven up bathe time!

      Easy to install. Takes more time to determine where you want to put them than affixing! Great color and they really work. No more slipping!

    31. Amber

      These work well

      I was happy to find something to replace the suction mat we were using previously that grew mold underneath it. This is perfect. I followed the directions and these went on securely and easily. We’ve had them on several weeks now and have had no issues.

    32. Maxine Walter


      Does what is suppose to do!

    33. Cindy

      Does what I need it to do.

      Keeps me from slipping in the tub

    34. June Bowers

      Works well

      I like the idea of this in my tub. Works better than a mat, that molds after a while. After a while they started getting loose. I know people with a similar product and their pads last very long. It may be the way I apply them. You really have to follow the directions to a tee.

    35. LEO

      Very simple and easy install

      Very easy to install. Just clean and dry the tub and peel the backs and install then use the tool to make sure its stuck on real good. I installed them over almost 2wks ago and they are holding strong. And they basically blend in with the tub. They protect you from falling as much and have helped my kids when in the shower

    36. Debra

      Used in outdoor plastic pool

      We tried these to prevent slipping in the play pool, but they didn’t stay adhered to the plastic. Obviously not the intended use. Loved cute designs.

    37. Amanda

      Don’t stick

      Very easy and fast to instal I used mine on my bath tub and in the shower at my work. The stars are already coming off not even 2 weeks later

    38. Twincess Mama

      Good for slippage, Toddler Complained of Roughness

      These were cute, easy to install, and worked to prevent slippage. However we had to take them off because my daughter said they were too “scratchy” on her butt. She refused to bathe in her bath. Her twin didn’t complain, so its a hit or miss!

    39. Online shopper mama

      A little too rough

      The only reason for the 4 stars is that they’re a little bit too rough on knees if you want it for toddlers

    40. Cooke Family

      Easy to install in tub

      Super easy to install and you get a lot in one pack. Haven’t tried to remove them yet, so we’ll see how that goes. The grey is dark, and very obvious against the white so make sure you like the shape you pick.

    41. xoxojordan

      So far so good

      So far I really like these! They do get pretty dirty quickly- so we’ll see what happens long term. They seem very secure and have stopped multiple co shower accidents

    42. Shamrock

      Safety in the shower

      These are very helpful to give you traction in the shower and easier to clean than a mat. The only thing I would change is that they were made larger.

    43. Michael Mizrahi

      They stay stuck

      Other brands have unstuck themselves, some quickly. These have been our shower/tub for a few months and seem to be holding on pretty well 100% of the stickers are still stuck

    44. Lisa W

      Ones placed in high traffic area won’t last

      I installed these in late October following all instructions. One immediately came up but otherwise they were great for 2.5 months. Then all of the ones in the most used area of the tub starting curling up at the edges. Very disappointed that I’ll need to replace them soon.

    45. Fico

      Just what the Wife wanted!

      Slippery bathtub floor? This works great! They adhere very well. They have not peeled up any. They don’t get gross looking like the suction cup traction pads. Would buy again and I know I will when I move to the next apartment 😀

    46. Jessica Lynn

      So cute, but could stand up to wear better

      These are so cute and virtually invisible to the eye (which I love), but they do not hold up super well. They are already starting to peel after only two months of use.

    47. Shane Halvorsen

      Easy safe piece of mind

      I liked how well they adhere to the tub how easy were to stall and how you can’t see and they’re almost like hidden I use them because my daughters handicap but I need to be able to have firm footing when she stepped in and out of the tub

    48. Dorinda J. Hartsfield

      Adds zip and safety to any bathroom setting

      Cleaning/Housekeeping a snap when playfully placed starfish in bottom of tub.

    49. Richard Prenatt

      Great product

      Installed about 3 weeks ago and still adhering. The secret us once you put them down do not shower or bathe for 24 hours. These are easy to install and since I ordered the blue ones sheerness is not important. They work great!

    50. Michael Humphreys

      Very nice, works great!

      Good quality and they stick on very nice which gives a good grip!

    51. Esmeralda’s person

      Still in place

      They have been in the bath tub for several weeks no peeling

    52. Danielle Haskins

      Great product

      These are working great. They have been on several weeks. I made sure to really clean the tub with alcohol prior to applying and then left them for 24 hours before getting wet. They have been great for my toddler to be more safe. They are much easier to clean than the anti slip mat I had before.

    53. Daisy


      Love the color options and they work well for anti-slip. Started to peel a bit after some real hot showers but i had enough left over to reapply some.

    54. My review

      Thicker than others from this company

      This is my second from this company. I’ve had the first set for several years and the second set for a couple of months. Each set is in a different tub. This second set is thicker. It seems to catch water and so they become discolored over time on the edges. Plus, they don’t seem to stick as well, but that might be something wrong with my tub surface or the shape itself. Otherwise, I like the shape and the thickness is not uncomfortable to stand on. However once these all come off I probably won’t put any more on.

    55. Adolph Gonzalez

      The stars are too small. Not enough coverage for the tub.

      I still feel the tub is slippery because the stars are too small. Best to buy a shower Matt.

    56. Rickey R.

      Cute, but not durable.

      These are cute and there were enough to do the tub and a small shower stall.They’ve held up ok in the shower, but are peeling at the edges in the tub already. I was very careful to clean and dry tub before applying, so I would guess it has something to do with the bath water.I would only recommend them if they’ll be used in a shower stall or if you’re only doing one small tub and plan on replacing them with the extras that come in the box…I won’t be buying them again.

    57. Kathy K

      Make sure they are pressed down on all edges and even then they probably won’t stick.

      I was very careful to make sure the shower floor was clean and dry. I read another review that said not to touch the edges of the stickers or you could ruin the adhesion so I was careful with that. I still had one (so far) that fell right off after one shower. These have all now come away from the shower floor. I had to purchase a mat. I wasted my money.

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