Secopad Anti Slip Stair Tape for Stairs Bathtub Shower, Waterproof Non Slip Grip Tape , Adhesive Staircase Step Threads, Suitable for Bare Feet


Your staircase/bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad non slip tape that create a non-slip floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip tapes set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub/staircase.


About Secopad Anti Slip Stair Tape

Each Seocpad anti slip Stair tape can easily stick to the surface of stairs/bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

Why Use Secopad?

Our Secopad strips are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs/staircase) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.


The Premium Non-Skid Product

These non-slip bathtub stickers are effective to stick to any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor or stairs, swimming pool, etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.

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    1“ x 38', 2“ x 38', 4“ x 38'

    29 reviews for Secopad Anti Slip Stair Tape for Stairs Bathtub Shower, Waterproof Non Slip Grip Tape , Adhesive Staircase Step Threads, Suitable for Bare Feet

    1. Janice Coleman

      Save yourself

      I had vinyl railings installed, they are great, unless they get wet. I installed this the day I received it, and it gives me more traction when they’re wet.

    2. Family-oriented

      Edges don’t have glues

      Applied it to my phone cover to prevent slippage. Great diamond texture and grip BUT edges don’t have glue. I’m not using it anywhere where water would affect it but that could be an issue for others who are. I’ve tried to cut the edges before applying the tape but it’s very difficult due to the thickness of the tape. Makes using it very inconvenient. I’d appreciate it if the seller could reach out to me to remedy this issue.

    3. SueAnn Joplin

      Product is as pictured.

      It came off after about a month.

    4. Janie

      It peals off too easy, especially if it’s in the sun

      Used it on a swing set so my child would not slip on the metal ladder . Peals off in the sunlight when it gets too warm

    5. Shannon M Fahey

      Not for outside use!! Epic failure

      Very slippery when rain or morning dew, my dogs slipped on it & hurt himself

    6. Roxanne B. de Koning

      Docent work well ag all

      This does not stop skid unless there’s great deal if pressure with a soft (foot) contact. The result is that the sharpness of the non skid factor hurts the feet. So a big bah hiss!

    7. Chip


      I used for my motorcycle pegs. My job gets my boots oily and this helps from slipping off there pegs

    8. chey

      Isn’t really the stickiest

      Even on smooth surface it’s peeling on the sides

    9. Randy from FL

      Excellent product

      Excellent product and great customer service

    10. Mirth M

      Did not stick to tile outside

      The adhesion outdoors was poor. Didn’t last one day, no rain.

    11. Jerry


      Non slip for sure

    12. Julie G.

      Great stick on grip treads for shower. No mess. Very easy to apply

      Great gripper treads for shower steps. So easy to apply

    13. LouZ

      This tape works very well.

      I am replacing adhesive bathtub strips that don’t stay attached to the bottom of the bathtub. This tape, so far, seems to be working as advertised. Remains to be seen how long it will last.

    14. Laura Lou

      Even works on carpet

      Impressive , after a month still on my carpeted stairs

    15. Dean Peacock

      not very grippy

      not very grippy

    16. shell1026

      Used on bottom of step stools for my toddler

      I would NOT be using this in a bathtub or on stairs. What a silly suggestion. It’s way too thick for those uses, but worked perfectly for this. Even with my toddler dragging the step stools to every light switch, it’s held up well.

    17. Felipe S.

      My favorite tape!

      Used it to put in my tub so my toddler wouldn’t slip while showering, have had it installed for a month and have had no issues.

    18. Victorine

      Best I have found.

      Most transparent, best sticking. Non-slip grip without that gritty sand feeling. Comfortable on bare feet. I have tried quite a few brands due to four as well as two legged elders, tots and lots of stairs

    19. Kathie J. Nichols

      works great

      Use in my sandals so foot doesn’t slide around

    20. Elisa

      Good enough

      I put these in our diving board which is slippery. It worked well but it started peeling after second day of using the board.

    21. Surf96814

      Great product

      The surface is very grippy and the adhesive is strong and holds up well in water

    22. WhatisYourWhy

      Just okay.

      The adhesive side is great. However, the non slip side is just okay. I would definitely look into other options if you have a really slippy surface.

    23. Gladys L. Cintron Berdecia

      Satisfied with this product

      Easy to apply

    24. Rabby


      Works beautifully.can’t even see it on the bathroom step, but works great for making the steps non slip

    25. Larry Ingels

      Works very well

      Sticks well. Provides a good amount of nonskid to slippery surfaces.

    26. Juli A. Flynn


      I live in a board and care home, and they wanted me to get up at night to use a bedside commode, and I was afraid I would slip on the floor. I put this tape on the floor on the side of my bed, and it is wonderful. I feel safe when I get up, my feet feel secure with no chance of slipping. Good stuff. However, it does get dirty, and does not clean well. It’s a large roll, so pull up the old, wash and dry floor, and put down new tape.

    27. Dave

      used on shower floor

      works good

    28. Ilana Bar Didonne

      Easy to use

      For your safety

    29. Lacey McIntyre

      Bought it for bathtubs

      We just spent $25,000 completely remodeling a bathroom. My daughter was very concerned that I would slip in the tub and get hurt. I agreed to put some sort of adhesive stickers on the bottom of the brand new expensive tub. These were very easy to install you could even pick them up and move them if you had to. They do not show up visibly and ruin the beauty of a brand new really expensive tub. They actually do not feel weird on your skin if you were laying in the tub or standing in the shower. This is a huge value for the money. I have yards left and the cost for the roll would have been equivalent to one package of the flower stickers. I intend to share the rest of the roll with some of my coworkers with younger children.

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