Secopad Baby Bath Mat, Bathtub Mat Non Slip, 40×16 Inch Bath Tub Mat with Drain Holes and Suction Cups for Kids, Baby and Elderly

Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub mat that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. Easy to install, clean and store.


About Secopad Kid Mat

Each Seocpad kids mat can easily grip the surface of bathtub. The upper surface comes with comfortable design. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

Why Use Secopad?

Our Secopad kids mats are designed to grip firmly on smooth surfaces, offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.


The Premium Non-Skid Kid Shower Mat

These non-slip bathtub mat are effective to grip any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.

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    • Nonslip Bathtub Mat: The surface of the bath mat for tub featuring powerful suction cups and drain holes for great grip and allow water and air to circulate
    • Extra Large Shower Mat: The size of non slip bathtub mat is 40*16 inch, it can cover more of the bathtub surface, making bathing safer for baby and elder
    • Material: Made of PVC material, our non slip shower mat is soft and elastic, it will keep you and your whole family comfortable when bath
    • Machine Washable: This tub mat is easy to clean: just throw it in the washing machine or you can rinse with water after each batthen hang on the bathtub side and let it air dry afterward
    • Healthier Home Life: Our bath tub mat is easy to use and a great choice for bathroom tub, floor, home, gym. It is suitable for all ages: baby, kids, boys,girls,elder and young

    Transparet, Blue, White

    82 reviews for Secopad Baby Bath Mat, Bathtub Mat Non Slip, 40×16 Inch Bath Tub Mat with Drain Holes and Suction Cups for Kids, Baby and Elderly

    1. Barbara M. Wise

      Suction to tub isn’t great goodthe tub.

      The back half sticks to the tub but the front will not tick even after standing on it. The front floats up.

    2. Larry R Edinger

      Bath mat was as expected. Happy.

      Just started using them. Will assess later durability.

    3. Courtney Burnes

      It’s big like I wanted and the color is great! Fast shipping.

      It came fast, just what I wanted.

    4. blair furtick

      Comfortable and great length

      This may is great!! Just the right length for my tub

    5. Lon

      It fits perfect

      The length & width is perfect for my tub

    6. Suzan

      Great product

      Love it ! exactly what I need!

    7. gram65

      Large and comfortable

      Love this bathtub mat. Covers the whole tub. Comfortable. Also love the color.

    8. ehwhatever

      Perfect for the shared tub/shower.

      This is great in my bathtub. I have a toddler who we bathe and she loves the color as it helps to make the tub feel like a pool/sea. It’s comfortable on the feet and easily cleanable.

    9. raggedysam

      Still gets moldy

      Very nice but still molds.

    10. Nick Phillips

      Great product

      Fits perfectly, multiple suction cups provide for no-slip experience yet easy to remove when cleaning the tub. In my opinion, the blue is a beautiful shade and attractive addition for the bathroom

    11. wool

      We only using it to bathe our dog so no slipping in tub. Very happy with purchase.

      Happy with purchase for our intended use to bathe dog without slipping. I would think for everyday use this would be very safe but hard to clean.

    12. Lia Zinck

      Best bath mat ever!!!

      We have tried several shower/ bathtub mats. They all slide around and get annoyingly bunched up. This may sucks to the tub and does not move. It is awesome!

    13. Elizabeth Richardson

      It works well so far.

      We have had it for about a month. It easily clings into the tub and fits the standard size. We do suction it to the tile wall to let it dry out and reduce likelihood of mold. So far it’s going great.

    14. Danielle Dickensheets


      Fits the whole tub!

    15. linda

      Mildews easily!

      It does not slip, but mildew quickly and won’t come clean.

    16. denise creel

      Mat for the shower

      Mat for the shower It does it’s job how much can I say about him at I always change them that’s why I bought two same as the shower curtains when they get dirty I throw them out by noon thank you very much that great day doing their job

    17. Shelley rios

      Loved it

      Loved it

    18. jillcrowley

      Sturdy, long and shapely

      I liked the length and it stayed in place. No such thing as a bath mat easy to clean but if there were this would be it.

    19. Oc

      It’s still a little slippery

      Keeps the water and that make it a little slippery so you don’t feel 100% comfortably taking a shower.

    20. Larry R Edinger

      Bath mat was as expected. Happy.

      Just started using them. Will assess later durability.

    21. blair furtick

      Comfortable and great length

      This may is great!! Just the right length for my tub

    22. Courtney Burnes

      It’s big like I wanted and the color is great! Fast shipping.

      It came fast, just what I wanted.

    23. Vanessa Torres

      Very good quality

      Based on some of the reviews, I wasn’t expecting the shower mat to be too great. I’ve had this mat for 3 months now and it’s safe to say I haven’t had the mold problem others were having. I purchased this mat because my toddler loves to stand during baths and it’s helped so much with preventing falls. Definitely recommend it.

    24. Bocephus

      Liked the one I bought for the kids bath so much I bought one for my bath!!

      About one of these a few months ago for my kids bathtub. I didn’t think much of it until I went in there and took a shower and it made such an improvement I immediately went and bought one for my bathtub. The non-slip works as it should and it provides a nice layer of cushion whether you’re standing or sitting in the tub.

    25. 80’s fella

      Nice grip and serves the purpose. But forms mold after a a month

      Nice grip and serves the purpose. But forms mold after a a month

    26. So Nostalgic

      What I’m looking for.

      I’ve been looking for a long bathmat, that wasn’t see through. I have stains at the bottom of my tub. I Keep it in my tub when ready to clean.. I use a toothbrush or small brush to clean off most of the grime that accumulated on the suction side and wash it with some towels and hang to dry. I just wish the other colors like blue were solid.

    27. Jacqueline Byrd

      No suction to speak of

      This works great as a barrier between the bottom of my tub and my wiggly kid but it does not stay in place. The suction cups look like they would work wonderfully but they don’t. At all.

    28. William Flores Marty



    29. wanda

      great shower mat

      This seems to be perfect for our shower. The suction cups keep it in place and the top is comfortable to stand on.

    30. Linda Buist

      Perfect length for secure feel

      The first tub mat that covers the majority of the length of the tub. It helps you stand more securely and move around easier when showering. It’s also far less slippery than other mats I purchased.

    31. karen lasek

      Great product

      Covers the entire area for safer showering, and bathing my grandchildren

    32. sissysue

      Good mat

      This is a good tub mat but just a bit on the slick side

    33. Stephanie K

      Beautiful color!

      Very nice bath mat, both quality & color.

    34. Bernie

      Works well, easy clean.

      Works well and it washes easy in the washer. Just hang to dry. Only thing is it retains water so sometimes you need to pick it up and let it and the tub dry out. Nice length too

    35. Aurelia Nooney

      Works great, but stains easily.

      After showering twice, the middle of it turned black – no idea why since I am very clean and none of my soap is black in color… and not sure why only the middle turned black and not the entire thing??? But it works great and makes taking a bath more comfortable.

    36. Gaylord Ove

      Works well.

      It gets all wet and just lays there. Reminds me of my ex.

    37. Phyllis B.

      Phew – Stinky

      This does provide security from slipping but oh my gosh, how many skunks did they kill to make this thing?! Stinks to high heaven…still.

    38. betsi whitacre

      Works perfect

      Loved it

    39. Nicoleta C.

      Great product

      Great product

    40. Emily Speth

      Keeps baby safe.

      I got this for my baby to sit up in the bath. She doesn’t slip when she’s on the mat. It’s great!

    41. Scott Kinkade

      Suction cups don’t really stick

      takes up most of tub bottom. Comfortable. Only problem is that the suction cups don’t really stick. Maybe because my tub has a very fine texture.

    42. Danielle Holderith

      Love it !

      Decent price , thick , non slip and easy to clean for the kiddos

    43. Susan Jewell

      Mat is not wide enough also could be longer.

      I was disappointed that the mat wasn’t as wide as I had bought before. It is not wide enough for my bath chair legs. This is a big disadvantage.

    44. Patty P

      Best Mat I Ever Brought

      I am so excited that this mat exceeded my expectations. Its long enough and soft on my feet and the suction is great. I am pleasantly amazed.

    45. Becky


      Great suction. But as others have posted, it is very uncomfortable to sit on!

    46. Benita R

      So far so good

      Strong smell at arrival. suction is enough to hold the mat in place.

    47. Breighanna Schenck

      Good mat

      Good mat pretty easy to clean and durable make sure u clean it often tho or it starts to grow mold other than that it’s good

    48. Sharon hicks

      This is the best I’ve ever seen and used

      Our shower has been getting very slippery the last six months . I’m disabled and in need of knee surgeries, so slippery is very dangerous. I put this mat down and it’s great ! Didn’t move a bit . Wish I’d found this for my mom .

    49. Danice Jimenez

      This is pretty good

      this is actually pretty good. It still moves around a bit, but that could be the type of tub I have. It woulds much better than the one I had before that would move while I was standing on it. This one does not do that.

    50. Sharon B. Jenkins

      They have a strong smell to them, but seems to be going away.

      They seemed to work well in the shower

    51. Rosi

      good quality but does not sit on textured tub

      good quality but does not sit on my textured tub. guess it is my textured tub problem. the mat does not have suction on my tub so kinds useless.

    52. Mary Lyle

      They do let go at times!

      We have them on our pool steps so they aren’t so slippery!

    53. Jose

      Center line suction doesn’t stick

      It’s comfortable and nice looking but the center line row of suction cups don’t stick very well even when wet. They have a smaller suction cup than the outer rows which makes the center lift up. I’m probably going to return it at this point since it won’t lay flat.

    54. Richard L. Frankfeldt

      Superb Quality

      Superb Quality

    55. mckennly

      Bath mat doesn’t slip

      Fairly comfortable to stand on. Doesn’t move around. 3″ too long so we easily trimmed it.

    56. EJ

      Everything is great except…

      I didn’t pay attention to the cut out for the drain being at the top of the mat and my drain is actually on the bottom, middle of my tub soooo I have to kinda lift it up to get a quick drain. Not a huge problem but it will drain super slow through the mat if left suctioned down to the tub bottom. I wish I had paid more attention and got one with a side cut out. Other than that, great mat. Easy to clean. Easy to get to suction and easy enough to lift up.

    57. A.S.

      Great and long enough

      I love that this bathmat is long enough for a tub. I did have some issues with mold appearing fairly quickly, but this is easily resolved by spraying the underside with some bleach and letting sit for a few hours.

    58. OohpreddynailsAngie

      Pretty but a little ROUGH

      Fast shipping. Pretty color (mauve) matches my decor. No odor. Great suction. Easy to clean. My one complaint is on comfort. Brand new, I could feel the rough edges in the circular openings as sat to bathe. I think the rough edges are smoothing out after about 3 weeks of bathing 3-5 times per week. (I love my bath time) The roughness isn’t noticeable while showering. I would not repurchase because I want TOTAL comfort during my treasured my bath time. If you prefer showering then go for it! Blessings.

    59. roseyroseyjj8

      Comfortable to stand on.

      The mat covers the tub bottom from end to end and has a cutout “U” for the drain. It is turquoise rather than light blue, but very pretty.

    60. Alayna Ogle

      Uneven cut plastic holes can be uncomfortable to sit on

      If you are using this for baths, some of the holes have scratchy pieces from the plastic being cut uneven. It’s not bad for the price but I’m kind of sensitive to the way it feels on my bum after a while. Decent length though!

    61. melyn

      Works good, easy to clean

      The only thing I do not like about bathmats is they catch all the hair and dirt underneath making it harder to clean the tub. Aside from that, works exactly how it should and sticks well even after removing it several times.

    62. Frani

      The non slip

      I love this Mat. It’s easy to clean you just toss it in the washer and air dry

    63. mackenzie wilson

      Very good for a two year old!

      My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves this bath mat. She can splash and kick around and the Matt suction doesn’t come up. VERY easy to clean and dry

    64. Kera Razo

      Great length

      I love that this mat covers almost the entirety of my tub. The blue color is nice and spa like. And the suction has been really great. It doesn’t seem to get dirty too easily and has been easy to clean. I like to clean it with a scrub daddy sponge.

    65. Sue

      It’s a long tub mat.

      I didn’t pay much attention to the size and it’s fits the whole tub, so if that’s what you expect then it’s a great bath mat. Comfortable to stand on, easy to remove to dry out between baths.

    66. Beth A Casenhiser

      Best bath mat I’ve ever had!

      Great size. Easy clean. Stays put.

    67. Ag.

      Easy to clean

      Fit well

    68. Casey

      Stays on shower floor, easy on the soles of feet

      Tight curl on one end of mat stays. Cannot straighten it!

    69. colleen martin

      Just like advertised

      The color blue is prettier in person. Sturdy and almost as long as my tub. Awesome.

    70. Pamela Cox

      It fits just right in my bathtub

      and its the color i wanted too.

    71. Jamie Green

      It’s not comfortable for bathing but great for shower

      Good product for shower, not comfortable for bath

    72. crandisi

      perfect for our tub

      we liked all its features and will continue to buy this.

    73. Theresa P.

      Don’t leave it down in the tub.

      It works great but I actually got rust patches created under the porcelain in the tub under it. Take it up after each use so the tub can dry

    74. Bird

      Can mildew around cups

      Mildew quickly forms around the suction cups. Hard to drain water from around them completely.

    75. Jessica Kross

      As advertised.

      A good bath mat.

    76. MARY

      Love it

      Easy to clean (just throw in washer with other whites) and easy to maintain. This is my 3rd purchase of this product although the other 2 were clear versions. I’m anxious to see if this one is easier to keep clean

    77. Sandra F.

      Covers length of tub

      Need for a darker shade of purple

    78. Joseph Salama


      Simple but very effective tech. Every inch of this is stuck to the tub and I can be at ease my elderly mom will be totally safe using it.

    79. RuYi

      Great product and delivery was prompt.

      Love the color… when it’s against the white tub.. it’s a perfect color and size. It fits my bathtub perfectly

    80. DarrenV NYC

      Works better than expected

      i like it

    81. KLY


      The longer length works out great for the tub.

    82. KarLim

      Nice bath mat. Quality product at a reasonable price.

      Bought for my master bathroom. I feel it’s a good product at a good price. Will buy again.

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