Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers, 20 Large PCS Safety Bathroom Tubs Showers Treads Adhesive Decals with Scraper


  • PEVA material
  • Special Glue
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Install
  • Non Slip & Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Residue
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    • ★Wondering how to keep bathtub from being slippery? To address this potentially dangerous situation, we have created a new solution that provides a non-slip surface. The nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub or the floor of your shower tiles.
    • ★Design Principle. Each sticker is made in such a way that it easily attaches to the surface using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately 1250 tiny protrusions per piece. These protrusions are meant to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
    • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. And to top it all up, the stickers are non-toxic, fade-free, safe, and convenient to use.
    • ★The package comprises 20 pieces (3.58-inch x 3.74-inch) of stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 20 stickers should occupy at least 2/3 the surface thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use these stickers on the stairs to make them much more secure.


    Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub stickers that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub.

    About Secopad stickers

    Each Seocpad strips can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

    Why Use Secopad?

    Our Secopad strips are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.

    The Premium Non-Skid Product

    These non-slip bathtub stickers are effective to stick to any smooth surface, such as a bathtub, bathroom floor or stairs, swimming pool, etc. They provide strong adhesion and good grip, effectively preventing slipping and ensuring safety for your kids, parents and yourselves.


    Black, Brown, Blue, Pink

    65 reviews for Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers, 20 Large PCS Safety Bathroom Tubs Showers Treads Adhesive Decals with Scraper

    1. david brock

      A whimsical addition to your bath…almost.

      Look great, they did not all stick on my tub though.

    2. nailz

      Very cute and have already saved my life

      I ordered both the pink splat and the bear paws for my tubs. The tubs are super slippery and I had a water softener installed, which made them even MORE slippery. Anyway, these stickers are fab and have saved me from falling on my ass a couple times already.If you don’t want to be found naked and soggy with a broken neck by the fire department, then get yourself some of these.So easy to put on. Who doesn’t love stickers?Mine have held up to many a shower, dog baths and cleaning. 

    3. Kyral Symouri

      Cute and rough

      They are what I needed for my tub, though I was hoping that they were a Lil more rubbery then the stuff material that they are. They do work wonderfully

    4. keith

      Good stickers!

      I applied these a month ago and they are working fine

    5. Abner

      Still works

      Only 4 star cause I had 2 come off. Not mad upset or anything could be my fault. They work great in fact for the price I’m going to buy another set for garden tub

    6. Monika

      Stick really well!

      Love these!! We just bought a new house and the tubs are super slippery my poor doggos couldn’t even stand during their baths. These things are great and they stick so good! I did use a heat gun for the ones in our shower since it is used a lot more, but good results in both! I’ve had them on for quite a while now and have had no problems. Definitely recommend!

    7. Randall Daniel

      Does the job

      Works great. No slippage

    8. Maribel de la Rosa

      Still on

      This have not peeled off. More then 3 or more months

    9. beth b


      Easy to install. Looks fantastic.

    10. Peggy Cernuch

      Easy to install. Looks great. Put in RV shower floor and shower at home. Love the paw prints.

      Easy to install and stays stuck so far. The paw prints look great!! 

    11. Patricia

      Love them

      These are amazing!!! My Fiancé’ is dieing of liver cancer and is so very weak. I had to find something he was comfortable with so stepping into shower wasn’t a scary feeling. These did the trick. Easy to apply as long as you follow directions and haven’t had a issue. They are flush with tub which means he is comfortable. 

    12. VLD

      Nice price but rough

      Great traction but not easy on the bum if u have children or like taking baths. Great for showers only.

    13. Lori

      Do have a skid resistance feel

      I have a handicapped cat and i used these on ramps and walk boards so he could keep his grip and not slide around. Worked perfect


      product is very nice and easy to apply!

      Got what was advertised…tubs looks great and feels safer!

    15. Allison Rein


      Absolutely love these. I’m a dog groomer so they fit in very well with the aesthetic. They keep my pups from sliding around during their baths making it’s safe as well as pleasing to look at. To only a few minutes to install and haven’t had any come off yet.

    16. karen v

      Captain jack

      Awesome way to make captain jack steady at the helm!

    17. Callie C.

      Perfect for 1-2 tubs

      Comes with a scraper to scrape the air out. And trust me you need it. It’s a pack of 20. I used 15 on my tub which covered it a little more than most people would do.I have sensitive feet and was worried this would start to hurt as I stood on them. They are super comfortable. Also, hair dye won’t stain them. Worth every penny 

    18. Cecilia

      Works great! Sticks well.

      The backing was easy to remove. Went down nicely. Looks great!

    19. Michele R.

      Super cute, Easy, Gotta love them!

      There’s not not match to dislike about this item. My favorite colors and easily to put down. I also put a few outside of the bathtub so that I didn’t slip and fall getting out of the tub

    20. Archmage of Books

      Paw 🐾 Feck!

      Easy to install – Stay in place – Very Affordable and Adorable

    21. Jessica Nicodemus

      Absolutely love!!!

      Super easy to put on and super cute!! They work just like they say they should!!! Best purchase since getting the hip breaker shower!! No more falls for me!!!

    22. Jo Thompson

      Easy to install

      Very easy to install and have stayed without problem. They are have good grip without being to rough to stand comfortably on 

    23. OKAN


      Easy to install; good looking and most importantly it does what it is supposed to.

    24. Kristi Rondini

      Cute anti slip tub stickers

      Product was super easy to install and thickness is fine. They do stop slips but I would not reccomend them for say an older person. The anti slip isnt that anti slippery. So not for high risk slippers. Lol but works wonderfully otherwise.

    25. Greg Hannig

      Finally something that worked!

      I purchased several different brands of adhesive nonskid stickers. All of them peeled up and did that last for more than a few days. I’ve had this these installed for months, and they are as awesome as the day I put them in! I waited to come back and see how they held up.

    26. Michelle M. Bell

      Work great and look cute!

      These are just what we needed to keep us from breaking a hip in the shower and you get quite a bit for the price!

    27. W. Penhallegon

      Look great, reliability still up for debate

      I applied several of these to my shower stall floor according to directions, waited the requisite 24 hours before using shower, etc., and one of them immediately dislodged during the first shower. The next day, there were 3 more that came off. Will try to reapply new ones today, and will update with the results in a few days. 

    28. Ron R

      works as expected

      works just fine no more slipping

    29. B Holbr


      Holding to shower floor good.

    30. Moonlightmagick57

      Love these!

      I used some in the shower downstairs and the tub upstairs. Even had enough left to put them on the sliding glasses doors. Low to the ground so that playing dogs can tell if the door is open or not. Now I looking for a couple of hands to put up higher….13 yr old grandson has walked into the doors when he turn his head to answer his dad.

    31. Joan Dougan

      Larger then expected. Place carefully.

      Very sticky! Plan your placement.

    32. Nxtdrneghber

      So far so good!

      The older I get the more afraid I am of falling in the bath tub. I originally bought strips. (Different company)But after about 3 months the strips started to peal. Hopefully, these paw prints will stick! I’ll let you knowIf they are still sticking in 6 months.

    33. Linda Edwards

      Secopad non-slip bathtub stick ons are great.

      I put the Secopad non-slip bathtub stick ons ( pink doggie paws) in my shower. I got 40 of them to cover the whole floor. It makes the shower floor much safer now. Will tell my family and friends to check them out!

    34. Heather

      It’s cool looking!

      I love it! It’s so much better than the mats that you can get and it’s so much cuter than the flowers they only offered back in the day. Only set back is having for it to be completely dry, people showering and not listening, I finallyjust had to blow dry it so I could stick them down.

    35. Bella Luna

      So adorable and useful

      So easy to install my three year old helped me do it. We love them and great for bath time

    36. Paulette

      Great non-slip safety

      Great value, adhesion and very easy to install.

    37. Pattie Duhon

      Renter approves!

      These were so easy to install and really brighten up our bathroom. We rent so it was important to us that they work to stop everyone slipping AND that they could easily be removed. Love them! 

    38. Dottie P. Williams

      No more slip splash

      I love that I feel more secure when taking my shower

    39. Pretty Penny

      Works and looks great

      using these on my stairs (not carpet obviously) and tub. Works and sticks great. The stairs were a little slippery for my puppy but not anymore! they aren’t too abrasive but they still stop well. Fantastic I love them. They grey have a nice semi sheer look to them also. Keeps me, kids and pup from slipping in the tub.

    40. Stuff I Buy

      VERY CUTE!

      I love these, The white parts in between the toes blend in with the white tub and make them look like actual paw prints. They have good traction, there are plenty of them for the whole tub and they are super cute. I ended up mixing two colors and it makes a really nice effect.

    41. D EVANS

      Worked for what I wanted it for

      I used this to make a dog step for my puppy to get up onto the bed. I took an old sturdy laundry basket and stuck these on the bottom so he had some traction. They worked really well. They were easily removable when one was crooked. I don’t know if they stick better now that they have had time to set. I don’t know how they would be if wet. 

    42. Jeanna R.

      Safety first

      Easy to install my shower is definitely safer than it was!

    43. DLMcCH

      Not slippery even when using shower oil

      Tried all kinds of mats. Some floated, some folded, some kinda helped. Most were still slippery when the soap or shampoo hit the the bottom of the shower. And for those who have dry skin and need shower oil, this is the answer. Great product. And yes, I love the paw prints. 

    44. Nyla’s Mommy

      Nice texture and ADORABLE on the floor!

      I love these so much that after putting them in my shower, I’m putting some in my kitchen on my SUPER SLIPPERY WHEN WET tile floor. My dogs dirbble water everywhere after drinking and I’ve almost fallen a half dozen times. They will probably get dirty quickly in there but for the price I’ll replace them. They come with a handy scraper for removal. I love them. Feel great on your feet. Gives you a sense of security.

    45. Jeremy K. Wofford

      These paws are not ruff!

      I’ve had them on my tub for almost 3 weeks now. The adhesive is good, no peeling. You barely know they are there. No more slipping in my tub for me. I would recommend these. I thought about getting some more just to put on the outside of the tub so it looks like my dog was climbing into the tub and maybe put his paws on the wall too. 

    46. J. Greise

      Worked great!

      Used these in our bathing tubs at my groom shop. Our tubs are brand new and slippery for the dogs to stand on. We needed something that didn’t hold soap like a mat. We also have senior dogs that can’t be sliding in a tub. So we got these. They worked great! Haven’t used them long to see how long they hold up, but so far none of the edges have loosened at all. Bought multiple packs for extra coverage.

    47. ml


      They are so cute and I don’t have to worry about anyone slipping.

    48. Aaron

      Great product, great service

      I bought these blue pawprint ones, they are great and just what i needed, some of them did not adhere properly while the others did, and after contacting the seller they quickly offered to make it right for me, which i very much appreciate, they have my business for life should I need more of their products. 

    49. dragonlady

      Dog and Human Approved

      Love these! So far they work great. Bathtub mats never stayed put, which can be a slipping hazard. These provide a non-slip surface making shower time for us and bath time for the dogs much safer. I followed the instructions (I thoroughly cleaned and rinsed the bathtub, then I wiped the bathtub down with rubbing alcohol and rinsed again, and then I wiped with a dry clean cloth and made sure bathtub was completely dry before applying the stickers). The stickers were super easy to apply and so far they are still stuck firmly to the tub. 

    50. TimG45

      Do as intended

      These are nice little sticky things to help prevent slips in the bathtub. To that affect, they work well.I rated these down because the backing was near impossible to remove from the decal. It appeared that I would end up with these in the trash. I did find the trick though. Once I discovered that folding a decal edge toward the decal (as opposed to toward the backing) the backing removed easily. The backing is pretty thick. 

    51. Randy

      As advertised.

      As advertised

    52. JOHN


      As expected

    53. Kara Foss

      Don’t use for high traffic

      They were super easy to put in. Just waited 48 hours before hopping in as we had 6 people using this shower. The stickers lasted maybe 3 months before they all peeled off. They just didn’t work well for the high traffic we had as they never really got dry for long. 


      Dog paws everywhere

      We have tried shower mats for our tub and showers and none were adequate, they slid around. We placed our dog paws and they’re awesome – no more slipping!

    55. Gary B.

      Look nice

      Easy to install

    56. Susan J.

      Great for pet scales

      I own a vet clinic and purchased these to line the baby scales we use for weighing smaller animals. They look nice and don’t slip around like the “nonslip” mats we used before. I’ve also added them to the large dog scale, although we still cover it with a now less slippery “nonslip” mat. I expect with time they’ll get a bit grubby around the edges but at this price I will not mind replacing them when that happens.

    57. Kat

      No slipping paws

      These excellent skid pads to avoid mishaps in the shower.

    58. Sarek

      Good non-slip bath stickers

      We followed instructions: let shower dry thoroughly, put down stickers using plastic appliance to smooth out and ensure even adhesion, let shower dry for 24 hours. Stickers seem to be staying put, not curling, even on a slightly textured shower floor. So far a couple of showers, and stickers are, well, sticking! In addition, the paw print design is cute and wife and I are both happy. Adding a bit of safety is always a good thing in a shower, where a slip could mean a trip to the ER. 

    59. Mike Donnell

      Shower pads

      These are great. I’ve tried others and have to replace quickly. These are durable

    60. Ali


      Easy to use. I used all of them on my shower floor and I feel safer now. And the paws are cute!

    61. Danielle C.


      They are still stuck on the shower floor and work perfectly! No lifting around the edges yet.

    62. kimberly Akers

      Waste of money

      Very cute, however after using shower 3 times after waiting the full 24 hours after adhesion, they ce right up. No glue or adhesive on them at all. I hot them do I wouldnt fall in the shower…guess what ???? I fell !! Very dissppointed.

    63. Helen M. Rosatelli

      No worries of a slippery shower.

      They are perfect. Stick very good to the bathtub, the texture is an add plus, helps my feet to stand firm, which very important to me, I am a fall risk. And they look so darn cute, kinda brighten up the bathroom. So easy to apply them. 

    64. Stacey P.


      I did not buy these for my tub or shower. I bought them because our bed is very very high and we have a coffee table at the foot of the bed so our dogs can get on the bed. Our dogs are not tiny they are 100 lb labradors but getting on and off the bed was a problem and the coffee table was slippery, so I bought these for the coffee table so they did not slip when getting on and off the bed. The paw print pattern just seemed perfect. 

    65. Dwayne French

      Safe for my toddler

      Loved these! Our shower and tub has a textured floors and the other no slip mats wouldn’t work for us. These have been great. My toddler hasn’t slipped since we started using these. 

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