Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers Safety Bathroom Tubs



  • PEVA material
  • Special Glue
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Install
  • Non Slip & Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Remove
  • No Residue
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    • ★Wondering how to keep bathtub from being slippery? To address this potentially dangerous situation, we have created a new solution that provides a non-slip surface. The nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub or the floor of your shower tiles.
    • ★Design Principle. Each sticker is made in such a way that it easily attaches to the surface using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately 1250 tiny protrusions per piece. These protrusions are meant to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
    • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. And to top it all up, the stickers are non-toxic, fade-free, safe, and convenient to use.
    • ★The package comprises 24 pieces (diameter 8.0cm or 3.15-inch) of gray stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 24 stickers should occupy at least 2/3 the surface thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use these stickers on the stairs to make them much more secure. 


    Your bathtub should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. That’s why we created Secopad bathtub stickers that create a non-slip bathtub floor to enhance overall safety. Our nonslip bathtub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub.

    About Secopad stickers

    Each Seocpad stickers can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.

    Why Use Secopad?

    Our Secopad stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces (e.g. the soft PEVA material used for bathtubs) offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection.


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    49 reviews for Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers Safety Bathroom Tubs

    1. J. Laur

      Very practical

      This was exactly what we needed. We have a slippery shower ground and needed grip. I loved the fact this was clear, had grip and you can’t see it. Highly recommend.

    2. Mrs. Downhome America

      Easy to install, good traction.

      Easy to put down, good traction without being annoyingly rough, clear, can hardly see them once installed, none have loosened at all io4-5 months.

    3. Ashley


      We love these, I had fallen in the shower while pregnant and we got these to try. We have not had a problem with anyone falling since then. I definitely reccomend these. Our shower was so slippery and these provide great grip.

    4. Amelia Martinez

      Great but be careful trying to remove

      Boyfriend had a fall in the bathroom on a bath mat so we decided to use these adhesives. They were easy to install and worked great. Our bathtub was no longer a death trap. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is we rent and we had to take them off which was not so easy. They took a while to take off and it started to chip away at the coating the owners put in the tub. 

    5. P. Flynn

      Very Doable

      I bought the stickers because my husband felt unsteady standing in the shower and we applied them in the exact area that he uses during the shower. We selected an opaque color the same as the floor. They’re practically invisible and we had enough “polka dots” for both his shower AND my tub ledge. Nice. 

    6. GK5040

      Install tool is helpful. Clear textured sticker that are hardly noticeable.

      My mother lives in an independent living and had her knee replaced. I installed these clear textured discs in her shower and on the vinyl flooring outside the shower. Hoping to reduce the risk of falling getting in and out of her shower that has a 4 inch lip she has to step over. These installed easy and the putty tool was very helpful in securing the stickers to the floor. It really helped get the air out from under the stickers. I got the clear and they are hardly noticeable. They took more time to peel the back than install. So far happy with the purchase and will update if the stickers fail.

    7. joy

      Very Nice!

      Had trouble sliding around in shower…bought these…work great! I followed instructions (even wiped bottom of tub down with alcohol after washing and allowed to dry)…stickers adhere well to surface. Many, many showers later, not one disc has curled up or slid off bottom of tub. The stickers feel like a very fine piece of velcro under my feet…doesn’t tickle or hurt…really can’t tell they are there. I would buy again if needed.

    8. divilla72

      Peeled off after a week

      Followed instructions but started peeling off after a week. Great concept though.

    9. KJersGreen

      Not an eyesore!

      I liked that they were clear and were not a big eye sore at the bottom of my tub. I’m not slipping and almost killing my self while trying to shower, so that’s a serious plus! They could be a little more sticky, but I didn’t clean my tub before putting them in, so maybe that’s why I’ve had one or two come loose. Either way I’m happy with the product.

    10. Amanda

      Surprisingly great

      These surprised me. They were easy to install and have held up really well. They are in my primary shower so are used 2x day minimum and have lasted for quite a while and are showing no signs of lifting. Even if they only last a few months they are inexpensive enough that I would absolutely buy them again

    11. bardodave

      they stick and do the job, but…

      …the colored ones (at least the white ones) are a little translucent, so that they show any coloring of the tub through the plastic.Probably not a problem for most people…

    12. Texas Talker


      Firstly, these stick to the tub well. Secondly, They will most likely hurt your feet when you step on them. They do mine. Luckily, I didn’t place them where I sit in the tub. But yes, they will keep you from slipping.

    13. Rom

      Sticks great – nearly invisible

      I intentionally waited a couple of months before reviewing this product so that I could make sure that I still like it. I used these stickers on my shower because the tiles were too slippery. My wife and I are really happy with them. These stick really well. I bought the clear ones and they are almost invisible, which I like.

    14. Daniel A.

      Right thickness and grip

      I have tender feet and these are the perfect thickness and roughness. Easy to install. Hopefully will last a long time without mildew, etc. 

    15. abwmpa

      Made the tub a lot safer

      My daughter fell in her slick bathtub a few times. The suction bath mats would not stick to the tub floor. I bought these, and they were really easy to install. The tub floor wasn’t smooth but these have been sticking well for months. No more falls.

    16. Fily


      After years of looking for something for our tubs and showers, this is perfect! I purchased these over a month ago and they are still, clear, safe and so much nicer than a regular tub mat!I give them a solid 5 stars!

    17. Chery


      I had tried 3 other bath mats….none would stick. I put these on and waited 24 hrs.. So far so good

    18. Marry

      cheap security

      I have A shower tray made of acrylic. It was too slippery before I got these pads which solved the problem.

    19. Kim Z

      They have stayed in place securely.

      I was very hesitant to buy and thankful I did. They adhered easily and have not moved and it’s been a few months. It eliminated the slick tub floor and I don’t worry about slipping anymore. I purchased the clear and surprisingly they are near invisible.I cleaned and rinsed my tub thoroughly. Then used rubbing alcohol on bottom of tub just in case I missed some soap or oils.

    20. MarieBee

      Easy to install and work great!

      These work really well and were easy to install. I put them on months ago and they are all still in place. The only downside is they are a bit scratchy on my bum when I take a bath but that’s to be expected I suppose. They definitely make me feel safer getting in and out of the tub since I had a few scary slips during showers.

    21. Chad S

      Easy to install, nearly invisible and sturdy

      Very easy to install. I put them in all my bathtubs at my new place because my kids were slipping dangerously at shower time. We’ll worth the price when you consider the safety of your kids.

    22. Farit

      Sticks great – nearly invisible

      I intentionally waited a couple of months before reviewing this product so that I could make sure that I still like it. I used these stickers on my shower because the tiles were too slippery. My wife and I are really happy with them. These stick really well. I bought the clear ones and they are almost invisible, which I like.

    23. Willy

      Great to make a non slip surface

      Sticks good in bath tube to make it a non slip surface

    24. Lucius

      The BEST for non-slip in the shower. I HIGHLY recommend them.

      I have fallen in the shower a couple times and it hurt like hell. I can imagine, if my mum or anyone elderly fell like I did, it could have led to serve injury. I have a titanium bar in my right leg. I’ve had stitches 12 times and a lot of injuries so I know pain, and that is no joke. It hurt like hell. I went and bought one of those shower matts, and within a week, I was disgusted by it. It gets dirty and you have to clean it and yuk.These stickers are the most amazing solution. You can barely see them once they are stuck down and I have even forgotten then are there. Water flows right through then. They are like velcro, but only the non fussy side. You don’t slip. There is no mildew or gross stuff like that. I pour bleach and stuff over them and they are fine. These are amazing. I got them for myself and my mum.

    25. Janine Jones

      Durable, strong, textured surface anti-slip stickers, easy to install, made to last

      These non-slip discs really deliver extra protection and safety when used in a bathtub or shower. I got these for my aging parents who got a brand new tub installed, nice fiberglass body but very slippery. My dad has gotten unsteady on his feet and there’s a fear of slipping and falling. What I really like about this product is their simple, round design that is completely transparent and flush to the surface it’s placed on, so they are almost entirely invisible once position on the tub floor, not glaring or obvious. The material is durable and tough, made to last. The backing on the sticker peels off revealing a layer of strong glue that adheres very firmly and securely to the tub floor. They are very easy to install using the spatula tool the set comes with. The anti-slip discs have a textured surface that is not unpleasant on the soles of your feet. In fact, the texture has been very helpful for my dad who has neuropathy in his feet to be able to feel the discs on the floor of the tub and keep his bearings, and feeling the textured grip of the stickers on the bottom of his feet makes it so much easier to stand and move around, or in and out of the tub without slipping around. This is a very good product that holds up excellently under a regular barrage of water, being walked on, and also cleans fantastically. With the set coming with 24 anti-slip stickers, it’s an unbelievable value for the safety and security it provides! 

    26. Lurinda

      Surprisingly works as advertised

      First off, don’t expect to use half of the stickers on one tub and the other half in another. One tub really needs all the stickers to get good coverage so that several stickers are under your feet while standing. I laid the stickers out in the tub with the backs still on, rearranged them, looked at it, rearranged them again, then started peeling and sticking. I would say the arranging took about 20 minutes and the sticking took about 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure if you stuck one in the wrong spot that it would be VERY hard to try to peel it up and move it, so be careful. These do have a strong chemical adhesive smell while applying them. I just turned on my vent fan. I think they are just the right amount of roughness – they give good traction but are not at all uncomfortable to stand on. I’m a guy who walks around barefoot a lot, though, so I might just have calloused hobbit feet. But my wife agrees with me. I waited until the stickers had been installed for about a month before I wrote this review. Surprisingly, they are not discoloring, there is not grime building up around them, and none of them are even thinking about peeling up. They are still like new after lots of showers. I will definitely be buying another pack of these for our guest bathroom tub. 

    27. Jessica

      Clear and super adhesive

      I put these in about a month ago and not one of them has come loose. They were stuck into is maybe like a plastic? Not ceramic or porcelain. I cleaned the bottom of it after removing that gross suction mat we’d been using and even wiped down with alcohol as I seen other commentators indicate they had done the same. The package comes with enough stickers to nicely cover two tubs, although I haven’t done the second tub yet and has a nice plastic scraping tool to help stick them down. I did end up using the tool to make sure there were no air bubbles underneath and we waited 1 day for drying. You can feel them when you directly step on them or if you sit in the tub, but not enough that it would hurt your feet or anything. I bought the clear ones and when you first open up the shower, you can’t even tell they are there. 

    28. Amy_Crenshaw

      These don’t come off unless you want them to

      About a year ago, I had bought the clear stickers, as our shower is a bisque/almond color, and we wanted them to be unobtrusive. A year later, and you could see that the undersides of the stickers had pink mold (which I just learned is actually a bacteria). No way to get rid of it other than to remove the stickers. And here is where this product is brilliant. If you save the little application tool, you can also use this to pry up the stickers without damaging your shower or tub. It takes a little bit of effort, but they come up relatively easily and LEAVE BEHIND NO ADHESIVE RESIDUE! I bought another set, black this time, cleaned the shower floor very thoroughly and replaced them. I must say I started a return when I got the second set, because the cardboard packaging said it contained clear stickers, but once I opened the package, the black stickers that I had ordered were inside.

    29. Michael Lewis

      Stylist and functional!

      These are pretty great! Very easy to install and came with more than enough. I actually love that the bottom of my tub looks like a Dalmatian. They are comfortable to stand on and pretty flush with the tub. I would recommend these for sure! 

    30. Jill H

      Work great!

      I waited a couple months before writing this review. I was a little apprehensive about putting these on my new tub, but they are almost invisible and add some much needed traction. I did follow directions to clean surface and wipe with alcohol ( I suspect that is important) and used the scraper to slide any air pockets out. I did have a couple that I had to remove and reposition. I did not use the tub for a few days. Since then, I use the tub maybe twice a week. Since these are in a soaking tub, they are submersed in hot (hot!) water for maybe 30-45 minutes per use.All are intact, no peeling edges or sliding off. Excellent product!

    31. Bobbi N Schmidt

      Still great after two years

      I got these over two years ago and put them in place right away after my partner and I had been slipping on our newly refinished bathtub. They work wonderfully! We got clear ones, and they’ve shown no signs of peeling or discoloration. Still as perfect as the day I put them down, and we don’t slip at all!

    32. Anita Castro

      Nice product

      Just bought this. Easy to install. So far so good!

    33. po1kobs


      I have purchase several different types of nonskid decals for my tub over the years and almost all of them tend to peal off after a couple months. These are fantastic, just make sure you follow the instructions and let them sit without using the tub for around 24 hours. I love the look or should I say no loook of them. No more tacky looking decals in my tub when guest come.

    34. Charles R. Booth

      Best product I’ve ever owned!!!

      Best product I’ve ever owned!!!

    35. A. Schmidt

      So Far, So Good..

      We purchased these non-slip stickers for the entry step of our hot tub. Nothing I read said they couldn’t be submerged permanently, so when we drained the hot tub, we installed these stickers. Three weeks later they are still firmly attached to the spa step. We puchased the clear ones, so they would be almost invisible (which they are!). In retrospect, we’d get a colored set, so we could definitely see where we’re placing our feet so as to use them to prevent a fall when entering and exiting the spa. We are both seniors, so don’t move as sure-footedly as we used to. 

    36. Kentnor

      Almost Invisible !

      These non-slip bathtub stickers work great. I installed them on a newly installed cermic tile stall shower. The new tile was slippery and someone could slip and fall. I placed them randomly where you stand throughout the floor of the shower. Once they are stuck down, they are basicly clear and you cannot see them, almost invisible. They have just enough roughness/antislipness, but not too harsh. The floor of the shower no longer feels slippery when its wet. I recommend this product very much.

    37. peter b

      Works great and invisible

      Decide your patter before you start. The adhesive is very strong and antiskid pads cannot be removed easily. There were some air bubbles after install but they disappeared over night. The pads are nearly invisible and just the right amount of texture.

    38. Gabrielle F Gonzalez

      Works great! No more gross shower mats!

      I ordered these back in July 2022 because I was sick of having to deal with the traditional tub/shower mat that got clogged with soap scum on the suction cups for mold and bacteria to grow on. Unfortunately, my tub floor is textured and I was really scared these would not work. FORTUNATELY, I tried anyways and they are still holding strong. I always thoroughly cleaned and dried the application area as well as used rubbing alcohol where I wanted to stick them.RECOMMEND!

    39. K. Fortier

      Just what I needed

      These circles stick have adhesive on the back and you stick them on the floor of your tub. They include a little scraper thing that I thought was to help you remove them if need be, but it is also to smooth out the circle after you stick it down. They truly make your tub non slip, which is just what I was looking for. Very easy to apply. They’re supposed to be removable, but I haven’t tried.

    40. Indiana summer

      Excellent product

      Easy to install, great performance. There is a plastic odor initially.

    41. pbntc

      Great for our rv

      We had been using a mat WTH suction cups, but it was a pain to store when not in use. The non slip adhesive pads have been great. They are effective and obviously eliminate the storage problem. They were easy to install and have been great for us.

    42. Sue

      Work great

      You can hardly see it but, you can definitely feel the traction. These definitely work well to keep you from slipping in the shower but might not be good for a bath tub if you are going to sit in it

    43. Maisry

      These are round.

      The round shape seem to be a lot easier to keep my husband’s feet from slipping. They work better than anything I’ve stuck in my tub ever! Also clear, so they look nice. They were so reasonable I bought lots.

    44. steve


      Slip free better than the mat 

    45. Suify

      Good so far!

      I have had these down for a week, so far no problems, what they will do over time, the jury is still out. I used a heavy stiff bristle scrub brush with Dawn dish soap to prep the tub floor. I then dried it with a big towel until bone dry. Both of these things I believe is key. I did let them sit for 24 hrs before use, is that really necessary, I am not really sure. Be careful when spacing them, because there is not really that many of them, they go very fast! As a tip to you that I was not able to do. If you have a blow dryer you might consider using it on each one after you have applied them. But I would not over heat them, you could destroy them, use your good judgement. I can also say that they are sticky and have a good amount of adhesive on them. Once down it would be very, very hard to remove them. So be sure you have them exactly where you want them. You could even lay them out with the protective cover still on them to give you an idea of how they are positioned. Then remove the protective cover from the adhesive and press into place using the tool to press all the air from underneath them. I was surprised how easy I could feel them under my feet as I showered. As they are somewhat course, but they need to be to keep everyone from slipping. I paid full price and have no affiliation with the company at all! 

    46. Thomas

      Still going strong after several months!

      I bought these about five months ago. Still working well, no pealing-up yet. (Our shower is typically used one or two times each day.)I previously had used the long and narrow rectangular kind on a previous tub (from a different manufacturer). I like these round ones better, as they have better coverage and the round shape can be placed somewhat randomly and still look good. The round shape seems to be less prone to peeling off also. We used them in an old tub that has a plastic liner with a finish that has seen better days. I was careful to clean the tub surface well before applying them, and used a blunt edge of the “scraper” handle to press them down really hard (I presume the adhesive is pressure-sensitive, and needs to be pressed down really hard for best sticking power). We used about 16 of them in an area about 16 inches square (for slip protection when taking a shower). That works out to about 1 inch separation between each one.The negatives are very minor in my opinion: 1) They are fairly thick and somewhat course feeling, which might bother some people, likely more in a bath situation than a shower situation. 2) Over time they seem to retain dirt some, but that is easily cleaned off with some soap and a brush.October 2021 update: They are still sticking well and working well! 

    47. crazy_reader

      Easy to apply and easy to remove

      I got these because of our new bathroom bathtub. Being older, it was hard to get any traction on a fiberglass tub to get out easily. These were easy to put on, stuck very well. Only complaint I have is that they might be better for a shower as they can be really rough on your behind! I’ve had the round stickers several months and was a little concerned if I was going to be able to get them off. I found that if you heat them up with a hair dryer and then pry up the edge with the plastic tool supplied on one side about 1/4″ (just enough to get a hold of the sticker) they come off pretty easy. I have a new, double shower and I may use the rest of mine to help get traction in the shower.

    48. Mindy Haney

      They stick well and help stop slipping

      You have to put them close enough together to stop slipping. I had to put them close together because my young son’s feet are small. Having these in the tub made his footing more stable and gave me confidence he wouldn’t slip and fall. They work as well as expected in my opinion. I installed them with a plastic razor blade thing that allowed me to get all the air bubbles out. Our tub is pretty slick on the bottom and these stickers make standing without falling easier.

    49. whatushudknw

      Hard to keep clean

      Initially, I loved this product. It was easy to install and did what it was suppose to do. But then, it became hard to keep clean. Don’t know if its because I live in a humid area, but mold started growing under the pads. Then mold/dirt formed on the outer edges that I could not clean off. I finally removed all the stickers and it took awhile for the adhesive/dirt/mold circle imprint to go away. I have to admit that its is an old tub so maybe its not as smooth as newer tubs and that may have contributed to my problems. 

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